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Congratulations to Trisha Ram – our featured young poet. The poems on the following pages were written when she was 6 years old. She has appeared on TV and the local newspaper ’Express and Star.’

You can find her book on Amazon:

“A charming and fun account of the impact of lockdown on the life of one family from the

perspective of a young girl and her little brother. Read how her life changed and how she had to adapt to the demands of the lockdown to keep herself and her family safe. This book shows the ways she made the most of her time at home to play and learn. The book also records the impacts on British society of the lockdown from both a personal and a national view. Lavishly illustrated with numerous photographs and original artwork, this is an entertaining and educational book for children from three to eight years old.”



Water water I know is your

Home where you live

And here I am to show my

Love to you

Endless oceans creature



Down under the water

One big fat fish

Lovely to be my friend

Play football with us

Have fun

In the water

Nobody will warm you



Sharp shark don’t eat me

Hey! Listen to me

And meet my family

Ranjiv is my dad

Karthik is my brother



My room is pink

My posters blink

My mirror makes me think

That I must face my life.

My light teach me to outshine

My clock teaches me to match my pace with its tick

My bed teaches me to dream big

My bookshelf teaches me to be intelligent and fair

My windows teach me how important is the fresh air

My snowy white cupboard teaches me to stay calm

My make up table teaches me to be the most

Beautiful ‘Trisha Ram’

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