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“Ugh,” I exclaimed, wiping away a spider web of sweat shooting across my face. “Zia, I’m telling you, I can predict the future with my dreams!”

“I never said I don’t believe you, Mer, it’s just HARD to believe, that’s all,” my best friend said. Loud silence flooded the street, then drained away after a few seconds.

“Okay, whatever,” I said, storming off in a rush.

My name, Mer, means “ocean” in French. I was literally born on the water, when my mom went into labor just off the coast of St. Barth. I arrived just as they made an emergency docking.

That was the first time I had ever walked home alone – truly alone -- without my best friend.

As soon as I got home, I had to text Zia. “I’m sorry about today -- are we still up for tomorrow?” I spent the rest of the evening doing homework and drawing until it was time for bed. As I slipped into my cool sheets, I saw in bold letters, “Sure, meet me at the block” on my phone screen.

I woke up in a haze, but then I remembered the text from last night! So I got up, got dressed, threw on my backpack, brushed my teeth and got ready to feel the morning breeze rushing through my hair as I rode my bike to the block.

Zia was standing at the block with her skateboard at her side. “Hey, there you are, Mer -- I was worried you were going to ditch me,” she said, popping her skateboard wheels back.

“Never did and never will,” I yawned. By the time I finished my sentence, she was already cruising on the sidewalk.

“Just be quiet, and let’s head to the beach,” Zia said in an exaggerated tone. “Come on,” Zia screamed as she ran to the beautiful aqua-blue sea. Naturally, she had to end her majestic run with a dive into the water, and I followed. Zia poked her head up like a magnificent mermaid. “There’s a green turtle here!” she said as I snapped on my snorkel mask.

As soon as I went under, I felt like I was in a different world! The bright orange coral, the fish, even the light that bounced off Zia’s mask were all stunning. I forgot about the test on Monday. I forgot all my worries. Zia burst my bubble by blowing a bubble ring from underneath me, but I didn’t complain. Those are my favorite types of ring, except onion rings.

With our best-friends’ telepathy, we signaled each other that it was time to head to the beach.

Zia floated to shore and pulled a blue-and-white case out of her bag. She unzipped it, and the new GoPro we had been saving up for appeared in her hands. She jumped into the water and handed the device to me. We had already set it up the Monday before, so it was ready to go.

We set the timer and counted down. Three – Zia picked up a starfish. Two -- she put it on my head and … One – she told me to smile for the picture. Click and boom! The first photo on the legendary camera was taken.

After that, we just played around with the camera for a bit – until a bit turned into three hours. We decided to go for ice cream at Natural Delight, the best ice-cream place in St. Barth.

“Zia, today was amazing,” I said happily, “It’s almost like we’re in a dream.”


And then my alarm went off!

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