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YOUNG POET FEATURE - Blue Bush (they/them) - Age 15

I am a fifteen-year-old high school student in Keene NH, and an activist in my community. I am currently trying to help bring light to LGBTQ+ youth issues within my school. I have also been writing and practicing visual arts for quite some time. I do truly hope I am able to show the world how I feel. For in my world, I only have the sour taste on my tongue, but with eyes that are sugary. I hope that my works find you in some comfort in this beautiful raging world we live in.


As the sky melts over the horizon

I search for you

The one more missed than remembered

I can’t make you up

In any physical sense

See, I’ve tried

Not only with you

This unfounded heartbreak

I dally with daily

The drug of connection

Seen as a crush

Ah yes

If it isn’t the constant misunderstanding of the fluttering adolescent mind

It’s interesting

Most see it as some burden,

A joke

I feel you see it as I

A soft butterfly floating on wings aimlessly;

A journey for meaning that looks like a dead end

I search for you,

As little black needles crawl up my legs and back

I look for you,

Through the words you’ve passed on to me

Pages folded on something that interested you

Possibly years ago

I picture you,

That is to say the being without having form

Folding pages and taking notes,

Impressed by those before you

‘New and selected poems’

Nearly written and published fourteen years before I was born Yet, here I sit

As the sky folds gently into itself

Trying to create understanding

For the kind soul, that will once be left.



Loneliness- only makes the cold feel colder

I’d tell you I’m cold

In hopes you’d give me your sweatshirt

Please- walk with me

down Wyman, and past the Frog Belly Farm Past

the covered jeep-crystaled with morning frost

Keep walking

past the plot of land for sale,

down to the field

Let's talk about nothing

as the sun courses

the valley over the dark pines

Just sit here,

with me

Tell me about your weekend

I want to get to know you better

To make this morning

a little less cold

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