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Claudette Martinez - Canada

What must it feel like,

comforted by a never ending slumber,


What thoughts float though your head,

imagination without a leash,

no limit to wander and explore.

Free hopes,

images of love,

dreams of a better reality,

seeking, praying to remain endlessly asleep.

Your unconscious self,

a self that allows you to run, jump,

skip along the infinite paths of your brain.

Tip toeing across joy,

dancing along happy,

twirling, twirling on love,

careful not to disturb what lies closely beneath.

Delicately exploring each curve, each twist, turn and bend,

of your glossy wet glorious globe.

What must it feel like,

to never come back,

stay, please stay,

let me run,

skip, tippy toe, dance and twirl.

Rest in peace,

forever asleep.

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