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'Operation Invade Ukraine’ is the attempt to defeat the Ukrainians as quickly as possible and to take over Ukraine. Thousands of paratroopers landed. By air, land, and sea, Russia has launched a devastating attack on Ukraine. Barrage of air attacks on cities and military bases around the country .Waking to the second day of Russia’s invasion, horrified civilians found themselves at risk as artillery shells rained down on some residential buildings on Kharkiv’s outskirts. As the number of dead climbs, Russia's leader stands accused of shattering peace and lives. What happens next could jeopardize the continent's entire security structure. Launched an invasion of Ukraine, sending troops into the ex-Soviet nation from three fronts and firing missiles on several locations near in a broad attack that has drawn deep condemnation from world leaders.

Solomiya the brave beautiful Ukrainian girl had moved to Kharkiv with his family before the war. Solomiya went to secondary school. She got her grammar school diploma just before the war and started studying at the Kharkiv National University.

"Operation Invade Ukraine" started on February 2022. Solomiya has a hiding place as she love to sit there hiding from others. This place only belongs to her. She usually doze here in her dreams with books and happiness all around. She could live in this hiding place permanently where she had spent so many years of her life. When she heard that the Russian military would be reaching the next day to Kharkiv, she got terrified. She rushed to her friend Mila. "I lived there Mila! We can help people hiding in that place. We must do something. Just help, join in. Will you go with me?” Together they tried evacuating small children and elderly people to her safe hideaway. Solomiya saved their lives. With her knowledge of the region and her best vocabulary, she showed the wounded the way too. As guides and interpreters, but without any fighting experience, she joined patrols and became a soldier.

Suddenly gunfire sounded from the side. Then a hard bang. After that there were only flames. Their car was on fire. Solomiya managed to get out of the wrecked car, but her father was immediately captured by the Russians. The father didn’t stand a chance. He perished in the flames. Solomiya couldn't utter a word. She covered her face in pain, her brain is being hijacked by fear. She became mute, tears rolling down her pink cheeks. She want to scream, want to cry loud. But couldn't. She can't afford the soldiers invade her den too.

The name "Solomiya" which means "Peace" is mentioned on the newspaper as a brave soldier and peace spreader. She was called upon the war memorial and on the monument for fallen students at Kharkiv University. During the war, Solomiya took the charge of safeguarding anguished soldiers and wounded people saving their lives with food, clothing and medication in her den.

The Ukrinform, BBC World, CNN and others came for interviewing Solomiya for her noble deeds. They appreciate and thanked her for saving so many lives, where she didn't discriminate amongst the soldiers, who were Russians and who were Ukrainians. She helped them in the sake of humanism as she believes; no matter which country we belongs to, no matter what the colour of our skin is. We all bleed red! They awarded her "The Peace Lady" trophy and proposed her a post in the EU. She denied the post, wishing to serve people in her hideaway. That is the place, where all the good things started. She want to expand her den as a Charity Centre for wrecked people. The Government promised to help her in every way. She finds volunteering as one of the most amazing thing.

Her powerful speech gave goosebumps to the people. Solomiya Borecky - "These wars will end one day, and the people of Ukraine will again have an opportunity to shape their future, while living in peace and cooperation with all neighbours. But what about the children, who lost their parents? what about that mother, who died carrying a baby in her womb? what about that daughter, whose father was shot dead in front of her eyes? They fight the rich man’s war, to appease the hunger for power, and they destroy generations and generations within a minute. They sow the seeds of mistrust and insecurity and make a mockery of the term humanism. And yet, there is war. And there is constant, unrelenting fear. The carnage was incomprehensible to everyone, as millions of soldiers and civilians alike died. Nose is still filled with fumes and death. Stop all these. Say No to War. Say Yes to Peace. Think outside the bomb. End the war before it ends you. I still believe that one day mankind will bow before peace and love for each other and be crowned triumphant over war and bloodshed. So, take just a few minutes everyday and do a kindness for another person. It can be something small, or the start of something big. Ask them to pay it forward. Put a smile on someone’s face. Stop war. Spread love. Spread Peace.“

Solomiya spent her whole life serving for the people. Her hideaway is named as "Peace in the Den." The charitable trust, that works selflessly for the people. Hats off to this courageous lady. I salute this brave woman for her grit and determination. She define the true meaning of love, peace, strength & courage.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction." -- Martin Luther King.

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