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Our November Issue is out!

Welcome to ISSUE TWENTY-FOUR. While we LOVE all the issues we’ve put out – this might be our favorite. The goal of this magazine has always been to cultivate creativity and create opportunity for new writers and artists. What better way to do that than to invite the newest of all the writers and artists to be published in a legitimate and recognized magazine. And here we are! We are so excited to share with you works by our under 18 group + a few from our over 18 group with words for the younger readers. There is something that we can give you young and amazing people… above and beyond this publication. And that includes these three words… “YOUR WORDS MATTER”

Thank you for continuing to share our magazine with your friends and family and allowing our audience to keep growing. We will have some big updates coming in January that will allow us to put a more detailed focus on the magazine and give it the attention it deserves. Update coming soon!

-Kassie & Mel

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