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Join us in supporting others!

Meet Words Out Loud!

Our Mission is to:

provide space, opportunity and support for unrepresented and aspiring writers and:

•help them develop their skills

•help them connect with an audience using written and vocal techniques

•help them towards publication in a range of media

We run an Open Mic at Wagtail Coffee and Yoga (in Chichester) on the 1st Wednesday each month and a featured reader event on the 3rd Wednesday which is streamed live on Zoom from Wagtail and is followed by an open mic. Details of our featured readers are on our events page.

Information about how we started (during lockdown last year) is on our About Us page. We now have between 30 and 40 people at our Open Mic and around 15 people on Zoom and 15 in person at the featured reader event.

We welcome contributions to our blog from anyone.

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