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Time is a great healer, but some wounds become festering and with time their roots become stronger. Characters change but time repeats the story. The story is of the 18th century, of a young boy who was known as Gona in the whole village because of his short stature. He was the eldest son of his parents, In the morning, he used to go to the forest to graze the flock and in the evening to cut wood, his father was a man of mark and used to work as a physician in the village, but perhaps it was his misfortune that the boy himself was suffering from a disease for which at least there is no treatment in this village and nearby. he was suffering from the disease in which he passed through miserable condition of seizers and gone out of control, when he had seizures, he would have such strength that even four men would not be able to handle him, sometimes he had completely lost his sense and started to beat the people then he would be forced to tie up ,After that, everyone in the house was worried, but there was nothing they could do. One day, he had a severe seizure and he gone out of control, so he climbed on the roof of his uncle's house and began to eradicated bricks from there. It is a fact that where there are good people, there are also bad people who do not leave any opportunity for taunt, so something like that was the case at that time, Guna was throwing bricks, and the people of the whole village had gathered, and someone shot a taunt from that group, asking why they don't tie up their crazy son..... the work of good time is passing so it........ That sad evening was probably also in their fate, it came and took a lot with it...That evening was also cloudy when Guna was going to cut wood... On the way, he took some toffees from a shop, put two of them in his mouth and put the rest in his front pocket and walked... after cutting wood he came to the canal to took some rest and then... there he started having seizures and fainted.... There was a fruit orchard nearby and its Gardner was working there when he saw that Guna was unconscious, Gardner was worried that if he wakes up, he will kill me, so the Gardner threw him into the running canal and started walking from there. When Gona was late to return home, his mother got worried and went out to look for Gona. When she reached the canal, she saw that the sticks were lying there, but Gona himself was missing. The people also reached here.. The Gona's uncle picked up a stick and put it in the water, and with it, the shirt of Gona came up, then instant he jumped into the water and pulled him out, his uncle put him on his shoulder and headed to the doctor's room, where his body was immediately put in salt, but it was probably too late...he breathed his last. It was over and thus ended a chapter of a story to turn back once again........Months later, the sounds of a young man shouting and quarreling started from a house, and it is known that people said that this is the house of the same man who advised Gona's parents to tie him up...

Stories don't end, only characters change....

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