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My name is Alex, and I run a platform called Poems by Post.

As with many small businesses, lock-down provided the landscape for the setup of Poems by Post, as performing as a poet was no longer viable. I was already very aware of the need to provide paid opportunities for grassroots artists, whilst connecting people to creativity, and the eruption of the pandemic only accelerated this need. It has been so rewarding to witness the growth of the platform into an active, engaged community for connection, positivity, and inspiration.

We commission a new poem from a different poet each month, alongside a visual artist to design an A6 card inspired by the poem. Through my jaunt working as a street poet, I met so many artists of myriad descriptions, and found my own craft inspired by their immeasurable dedication and determination. The decision to combine poetry with visual art enabled Poems by Post to replicate this effect; to support even more creatives whilst providing another dimension to the poetry – adding huge value to what we do for both artists and subscribers.

Running Poems by Post has been a huge learning curve – there is so much beneath the surface when it comes to running a business! I’ve had to constantly react to the needs of the company, meaning I haven’t had a proper routine for myself for a long time. However, navigating these unknown waters and unearthing new skills have brought great benefits, in terms of my own pro-activity and self-development. I also enjoy the independence of Poems by Post; not having someone to answer to gives me the freedom to explore and try things without constraint.

Poems by Post works because of the creative freedom we allow both the company and our artists. With the glowing words of support from our subscribers we are able to maintain confidence in our mission to support grassroots artists whilst bringing art into people’s lives and homes. Our main goal has always been to make both the consuming and creating of art more accessible. Whether it be painting, sculpting, writing, making music or dancing, we believe in making creative endeavours a viable, fun past time, free from industry or social pressures and constraints.

Within a year we have come so far and made such a huge difference to so many people. We believe anything is possible - and there ain’t nothing to it but to do it!

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