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The ‘Romantic Poet’ is back with a bang!!

In this blistering display of poetic brilliance, he proves time and time again that poetry is not a dying art. As each poem holds emotions that have bled directly from the author’s soul and are relatable to the lives we lead and the world in which we exist. Throughout the book he uses imagery that is visually captivating and goes hand in hand with the ink that entwines them. In this book Sarfraz also collaborates with poets such as myself; Jack Tomlinson and others such as; Dennis Brown, Timothy DeVito, Charlene Phare and Dona McCormack, combining rhythmic verses to touch the heart and cleanse the soul, all of which live within the pages of this book. Some of my personal favourites are the heart wrenching ‘Life Will Never Be The Same’ which is sure to bring a lump to anyone’s throat and the romantic tale of ‘When You Came Along’ which is simply a classic among classics, it is fair to say that this is Sarfraz Ahmed at his very best. Other notable mentions include; 'The Sky Began to Cry', 'Lovers', 'And Then They Danced', and 'The Beautifulness of Your Face'. With over a hundred to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. Talented British poet ‘Sarfraz Ahmed’ takes us on a journey of passion, pain, and love in this hugely anticipated fifth book. So, why not sit back and treat yourself, as you carefully turn each page and enjoy the beautiful 'Gift of Poetry'.

Jack Tomlinson

Poet (UK)

Amazon Links Worldwide Paperback Black and White USA

Hardcover Black and White

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