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After the Rainbow: Golden Poems (Prolific Pulse Press LLC 2022) is a poignant and inspiring collection of seventy-eight new poems written during the past year and a half. As poet Zaneta Varnado Johns endured or witnessed the storms of the pandemic, gun violence, civil unrest, and environmental disasters, she wrote to capture her rainbow of intense emotions. She reached within her soul to process the ills of our society and emerged hopeful every time. Three poems were co-authored with poets Sarfraz Ahmed and Pratibha Savani from the United Kingdom.

After the Rainbow poses questions, which are intended to provoke thought without judgement. Johns’ style is conversational and rhythmic, and her prose is unique. See inside her humor as she shares about bubble baths and feeling dissed. Meet the author in her environment, wherever that may be. In her personal tributes, Johns captures the essence of people close to her and some she has never met.

Believing that every word shared is an opportunity to love, Johns exclaims her personal appreciation for souls before her, luminaries among us, and precious ones we have lost. Read tributes to Amanda Gorman, the late celebrity Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins, and the amazing Ms. Maggie Gordan, among others.

What Others Say

“Zaneta has curated her own work and given us the key to a journey steeped in wisdom and love… I could feel the love and wisdom she poured into every line… it literally feels as if she has set aside a comfy chair reserved just for you… Each delivers a message that lingers in your consciousness long after you have closed the book. Later, as you return to that same poem, you are struck by the deeper meanings that emerge… It’s impossible to have a favorite because the poems are so relatable. (I challenge you to try!)

~Emma Selby-Brodie, Host, Just Folks: Conversations with Emma

Your writing is the truth at work. Write on. ~David Martin, Founder, Fine Lines Literary Journal

Where to Find After the Rainbow: Golden Poems is available on several platforms and can be accessed via the following:

Zan Expressions Author Website (for personalized copies):

Amazon After the Rainbow: Golden Poems Gold Signature Edition


You enter a park lined with benches—

on each sits a woman who cares.

Imagine their hands extended toward you,

and their minds of subconscious prayers.

Imagine their hopes, imagine their dreams.

Conscious women are living full lives.

They are doctors, teachers, executives and such,

business owners, writers, and wives.

One says, smiling, “Come, sit or stand.

I have lessons and stories to tell.”

You sit by her and smile when she adds,

“Welcome, your presence is swell!”

She leans in and asks what is on your mind.

Her compassion is touching your soul.

You also have stories and lessons to share—

and some secrets you have never told.

She says, “Take your time, dear Sister.

Please relax, I offer my time to you.

Share your secrets—share your stories.

The world needs to hear your truth.”

You ponder her request to open your heart,

then you proceed to inquire about hers.

Both invitations are genuine because

a mutual exchange is preferred.

Together you trade stories of joy and pain

as you laugh and you cry out loud.

You stand taller when finished—your load is lighter.

You are emotionally and spiritually endowed!

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