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Hedley Griffin is a UK based Animation Director, writer, illustrator and author of his latest novel “Serventa, Priestess of Atlantis.”

Having started his career animating some of the films on the Mr. Men series he spent 30 years as an animation director, much of this time working for BBC and Channel 4 Schools Television. Some of the BBC programmes he worked on included "On The Road", "The Worm That Turned", "Vision On", "You and Me", "Words and Pictures", "Words and Pictures Plus", "Writing and Pictures", "Storytime", "Le Club - Les Aventures de Globo", and "Watch". Channel 4 credits include "Maths Mansion", "Rat-a-Tat-Tat", "Word Machine", and "Arts Cart.”

Four stories were commissioned by BBC Storytime, “Leroy's New Bike”, “Cyril's Bad Day” ISBN 978-07188286-5-3, “Cyril's New Parrot” ISBN 978-07188286-7-7, “Cyril's New Flower” ISBN 978-07188286-9-1 which were then published by Lutterworth Press. Other publications were “How to Draw 101 Super Heroes” Top That Publishing ISBN 978-18451073-8-3, “An Animator's Guide to 2D Computer Animation” Focal Press ISBN 978-02405157-9-3.

In 2003 Hedley started DangerSpot Books Ltd, writing , illustrating and self-publishing a range of child safety picture books, covering topics such as road safety, trips and falls, fire safety, farm dangers, stranger dangers, and much more. The series of 17 titles have been published in China by several different publishers, many twice over, one has been published in Holland, and two in Hungary.

Many short stories of a spiritual content are also being published,“NunsDrakka's Child and other stories” Children's Moral Stories ISBN 978-1-8384035-0-8

Hedley now writes and self-publishes Historical Fiction under a new imprint, Ancient Publishing, “Serventa, Shadow of the Light”, ISBN 9781919648705, “Serventa, Priestess of Atlantis”, ISBN 9781919648712, inspired by unique spiritual knowledge provided by The Erasmus Foundation where he lives and works as a volunteer and trustee of the charity. The third title in the Serventa series, “Serventa of Motherega”, is being prepared for publication in the UK.

Originally brought up near the south coast Hedley moved to Suffolk thirty years ago to escape the kelpies, sprites and deer flies of Sussex. He has no religion but is a lover of nature, spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

All DangerSpot eBooks are published by Andrews UK as well as some other titles.


Based on fact, the story of Serventa takes us through from the beginnings of Atlantis, about five million years ago, through to the height of its civilisation describing the way of life of the people, their behaviour, their educational system, their use of energies, their transport, their beliefs, their science, their trade with other lands, and their building influence abroad, explaining much about the use of pyramids, the Nazca lines and Stonehenge. Serventaforesees the destruction of the civilisation through the misuse of energies but is powerless to persuade the people to change until the continent is destroyed in a day and a night, about fifteen thousand years ago.


A fantasy, offering knowledge and wisdom from a unique spiritual source in an entertaining story based on old mythology.

One cold, miserable night on a Scottish beach Serventa is met by Beira, Queen of the Winter, and is challenged in a confrontation that eventually takes Beira home to the Light, but meanwhile the Storm Kelpies, the Blue Men of the Minch, also witness the event and want to cause trouble. Serventa is then given the task of rescuing Nessa, one of Beira's handmaidens, also a kelpie, who is chained to Loch Ness. Serventa finds Nessa and offers to help release her from the bondage imposed by Beira as a reprisal for harming her, caused by Nessa's negligence…


The book describes the story of Motherega, known as "The Jewel of the Universe", from the beginnings of our universe at The Great Battle (Mankind calls the Big Bang), through to the destruction of the civilisation, about five million years ago.

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