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August 2021 - Kassie Recommends


Ted Lasso Season 2 – already just as delightful as season one

Schmigadoon! – a comedy musical? Yes please

Both on Apple


Right now, my biggest read is my upcoming novel, The Death and Life of John Doe. Finishing my final read through before approving the early reader copies! Pre-orders open in August and the book comes out November 16th. It’s the story of a man who leaves the world he knows and ventures out into a nomad life trying to find his own past. It’s already been described as “gripping,” “emotional,” and “a future movie” – and I’m so excited to share my debut novel with the world.


Currently trying to catch up to my husband in listening to the podcast 1865 – a phenomenally told view of the struggles of Edwin Stanton as he tried to preserve President Lincoln’s legacy after his assassination. It’s gripping – which says a lot about a historical podcast. So much so that my husband has gotten so far ahead of me leaving me to catch up!!

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