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I am a special needs teacher from the UK. I live by the sea and love nothing more than walking along the beach with a coffee from my favourite café. I have always loved reading and writing poetry and I am so excited to begin a new venture with Kassie on OpenDoor Poetry magazine. 

I have written two books and I’m beginning to work on my third. My first book, ‘Open Heart Poetry’ was self-published in 2019. This book of poems aims to break the stigma attached to living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The first part focusses heavily on mental health and the second part contains more relatable, light-heated poetry about a range of everyday life subjects. 

My second book, Lexical Lockdown: Poems about Binge-Watching, Exercise Mishaps, Fridge-Surfing and other Pandemical Pursuits was written throughout the UK lockdown. It is written in a diary format, chronologically capturing the daily updates from the pandemic in rhyme as well as the difficulties we all faced being in lockdown. It is written in a raw, honest and at times comical way. Lexical lockdown will be a historical keepsake that accurately portrays the challenging times we have faced and are still facing.

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Routine has been aborted,

But it can be realigned,

For now we must dig deep inside

To rearrange our mind. 

Focus on what we can do,

And not what’s been restrained

New insights will follow

Less anxiety will be gained. 

Establish ways to divide the day,

So we know where it starts and ends,

With work, exercise, hobbies

And connecting with our friends. 

At the centre is our safety, 

Physical and mental are on par,

And without tending to both

You can only go so far. 

So, take some time to create,

A bespoke plan just for you,

Which fosters all the things you need

To support you to get through. 


I’ve discovered something amazing,

That’s bringing me such joy,

It’s not what you’d expect from me,

For it’s a boxing training toy!

A stretchy headband 

With an elastic hanging down,

A ball at the end of this

That you wear just like a crown.

You punch the ball relentlessly 

And it keeps on coming back 

Your reflexes responding

To every fast past whack.

It’s not an easy skill,

It takes practise, patience too,

And when you feel a little cross

You’ve got something to do.

It counts just like a workout

No sweat but fat is burning, 

And each time that it’s worn

New skills you will be learning.

So, for some exercise that’s light,

In a space that’s pretty small, 

Get yourself a head band

With a hanging boxing ball. 


Sometimes it’s hard to be happy,

To smile, to laugh and spread hope,

Sometimes it’s fine to be miserable,

To sit on the sofa and mope. 

Sometimes it’s hard to sleep,

You can’t drift off and chill,

You need a little help or two,

From that herbal sleeping pill. 

Sometimes it’s hard to listen,

Your mind is just too loud,

You want to be all by yourself

Not in a chatty crowd. 

Sometimes it’s hard to cook,

You’ve had a tricky day,

And if you want Deliveroo

It’s really quite okay.

Sometimes it’s hard to get up,

You cannot leave your bed,

So stop beating yourself up

Just stay right there instead.

Sometimes routine can halt,

Consistency needs a break,

No pressure or guilt needed,

Just a breath of deep intake! 

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