Author Feature - October 2020

Like many writers my love of the written word stemmed from many years ago when I was growing up in West Devon. Keeping journals and writing poetry was a favourite pastime; it’s fun to look through my creative writing from my childhood.

I continued to write for pleasure throughout my adult life, but it wasn’t until 2016 when I became aware of the vast Instagram poetry community and began to share my writing on social media.

I have a great fondness of the South West of England so got to work on a collection of poems that would form my first self-published poetry book – Travels with Tessy. The book is an exploration of Devon, Cornwall and beyond, and takes you on a poetic journey through the region.

Open Book is my second poetry collection where I have written honestly about my experiences with love, loss, parenting and mental health. In addition to these two full length poetry collections I have self-published several narrative poems and am currently working on my first novel.

Other than my writing interests, I am a busy working mum of two lively boys. We love to get out in the great outdoors and explore new places. I also enjoy playing the cello and have dabbled with the violin in the last few years.

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No, I did not buy the honey,

condemning me, condemning me.

Stripped the bed to try to help,

was not worth the anguish felt.

Sisters under so much stress

trying to do what is best.

No I did not buy the honey,

condemning me, condemning me.

Call to Prayer

Every morning we awoke

to the melodic ‘call to prayer’.

It was somewhat soothing

as those dulcet tones

were carried through the air.


We lay together in anticipation

of exploring the East.

and bathing in the sunshine

in the sticky Emirate heat.


I ran my hands over your shoulders,

across your warm soft chest.

embracing a moment together,

(not once missing life in the West)

Lamb to the Slaughter

Like a lamb to the slaughter

I watch, but cannot save her skin.

She is dancing with delight

towards a trap to draw her in.


Like a lamb to the slaughter

I want to shout and scream,

don’t get caught up in his net

for he is not what he seems.