Author Feature - September 2021

Sarfraz Ahmed lives and works in the East Midlands UK, and is professionally trained as a careers adviser, and has branched out as a trainer, assessor, and careers writer. He has been writing poetry for over nineteen years. He has contributed his poems to many anthologies published over the years, including Paint the Sky with Stars, published by Re-invention UK and many others by the United Press, as well as many other contributions online. His debut collection of poetry, Eighty-Four Pins was published in 2020; it was well-received, receiving great reviews globally. He published My Teacher’s an Alien! a children’s book in collaboration with illustrator Natasha Adams.   (November 2020)

In January 2021, he published ‘Two Hearts’ A Journey Into Heartfelt Poetry with Annette Tarpley, this book became an instant Amazon bestseller, and reached a global audience.

He is also a moderator and administrator for Passion of Poetry, and will be involved in their first anthology.  He is a collaborator and has written many poems with other poets such as Jack Tomlinson, Dennis Brown, Annette Tarpley and Pratibha Savani to name a few. 

In May 2021 he was recognised as a World Contributor Poet, recognised for his contribution to poetry by Administrators, Poetry and Literature World Vision, decided to feature the contemporary poets of the world who are globally renowned, acclaimed or recognized, distinguished or personalised poetically. 

He has a growing legion of fans online, on Facebook, also on Instagram Page #sarfrazahmedpoet. He is also a regular on the open mic circuit and has done many sessions in the New York / USA. His poetry is also available on YouTube subscribe to the YouTube channel ‘The Poets Lounge’.

Stab the Pomegranate, is the fourth book by poet and writer, Sarfraz Ahmed, whose first book ‘Eighty-Four Pins’ published in 2020, introduced his work to the world, subsequently followed in the same year by My Teacher’s an Alien!  It was in 2021, that he entered the global market with Two Hearts a Journey into Heartfelt Poetry co-written by Annette Tarpley that became an instant bestseller on Amazon.

Stab the Pomegranate – Collective Poetry, is essentially two books in one, the first part introduces you to the world of ‘The Secret Poet’ a short autobiography that tells the story of how he began writing in secret, and how he branched into become published and expanding his fan base globally. ‘That was Then’, is essentially a retrospective of many years of writing and includes his early successes including ‘Stan the Pomegranate’ Cactus’ and a ‘God’s Teardrop Exploded’, which were all published in anthologies and journals. He is also an administrator for Facebook site ‘The Passion of Poetry’.  His work has appeared in many anthologies and collections over the years and is also available on YouTube.

Stab The Pomegranate – Collective Poetry is my fourth book, this collection is very personal and intimate collection, a bridge connecting my early work to my present. This collection of poetry brings together some of the much loved early poems together with some new work, a collection that demonstrates boundless creativity together with an endless love of poetry.





I still remember,

Sitting in those stay out late cafes,

And those cocktail bars,

Walking in the moonlight,

Dancing under the stars,

I still remember,

Looking into your eyes,

All night long,

They seemed to be saying,

Something to me,

Just like a jazz song,

I still remember,

Waking up next up to you,

Staring for hours,

At a truly beautiful view,

At the beauty of your face,

Time seemed to stand still,

And took me to another place,

Where I am standing next to you,

In front of a congregation,

I am saying the words;

“I do”.


I remember the bread and butter drama,

Of the kitchen sink,

When the plates went flying,

I began to think,

Hiding in my bedroom,

I became another teenager,

Lost in rock and roll,

The music went through my ears,

And consumed me whole,

Out of my bedroom window I could see,

Kids playing with skipping ropes and other things,

I would often join them in the park,

And ride on the swings,

In the summer I’d sit and watch the girls go by,

Although we never got the courage to go up to them,

To give it a try,

I’d spend hours lying on the grass, 

Looking at the shapes the clouds made,

Just having fun,

Doing this and more,

In the hot summer sun,

A day lasted forever,

But we still wanted more,

Even after we’d eaten all the bubble gum,

From the playground floor,

Now I am all grown up,

And a thousand miles away,

I sometimes think of those days,

I think about these memories,

And wish they’d never disappear,

The memories of my childhood,

When I used to live around here,


Blow me a kiss,

The stirring kind,

Warm and gentle,

Strong enough to blow my mind,

To lift me up,

Take me far, far away,

To a brand new heaven,

To a brand new day,

To a place where everything is brand new,

Where I am surrounded by such beauty,

Where I am surrounded by only you,

Blow me a kiss,

Let it penetrate and devour me,

Tower over me,

Let it rain all over me,

Penetrate through skin and bone,

Blow me a kiss,

So I know that I am not alone.

Taken from ‘Eighty-Four Pins - Poetry Collection’ 



Behind your eyes,

I’ve seen a slow demise,

Something once beautiful,

Now glazed over,

With a sense of loss,


These days there is no sunset,

There is no sunrise,

Behind your eyes,

I see only black fog,

A mist that blows,

Penetrates deep below,


That circles and spirals,

Sends a torpedo,

That runs rings,

Sends it spiraling out of control,

I see someone that is incomplete,

That is not whole,


Everyday I search for something,

That I can’t put my finger on,

Perhaps searching for a love,

That is well and truly gone,