Poet Feature - November 2020

I write what I think, what I feel and everything in between. I am a Brazilian and have traveled to different countries searching for inspiration for my poems. Currently I am living in Grenada. The spicy island, located in the magically fascinating Caribbean paradise.

Escrevo o que penso, sinto e tudo mais. Sou uma brasileira que já viajei por diversos países em busca de inspiração para meus poemas. Atualmente estou morando em Grenada. A ilha das especiarias , localizada paraíso Caribenho magicamente fascinante.

  - Renata

Renata Clarke-Gray, Brazilian, born in São Paulo, but at the age of 12 years old moved to the city of João Pessoa, the capital of Paraíba State. There she was involved in some children's theater performances. Her love for poetry started in 2018. 

She has a bilingual blog (English and Portuguese) where in the beginning she was writing poetry, tales, and pillow talk (talking about sexuality and relationships). Now, she only does poetry, were she found it as “her calling.”

She is currently living in St George’s-Grenada on a sailboat – living the dream life of many of us. 

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#The Voice Of Acceptance

I am trying to believe 

In every word you said.

I am trying to see

What you seeing in me.

Every stop in front of a mirror 

Is another step to acceptance.

Accepting myself the way you seeing me.

The way the others seeing me.

I am trying to listen

To the voice inside of me.

The voice that is always

Screaming in my head,

But it’s a battle,

It’s difficult.

Why it’s difficult the self acceptance?

It’s one step forward 

Two steps back...

But in that backs and forwards

I will continue to listen...

Listen to you, 

Listen to others,

Listen to the voice,

The voice of acceptance.

#The Dreamland

Passion, desire, fire, poetry.

That was what you gave to me,

That was what I offered you. 

Passionate feeling in the body.

Desirable way of wanting.

Fire ignited in the soul.

Poetry transported to a dreamland.

The land of wanting, 

The land of dreaming,

The land of ecstasy.

Passion, desire, fire, poetry.

So it was me,

So it was you!

#Out Of Love

You came for a purpose.

You came to make me believe

That it’s possible to feel love,

To be in love

To love!

You made me feel accepted.

Part of me wanted to stay

Part of me wanted to leave,

But you pulled the trigger first.

For your sake and mine...

I saw in your eyes your pain,

No words could express better.

Right there, I understood 

I couldn’t and I wouldn’t 

Hurt you more then I did.

Now, I am drowning on

My own blood

Blood of hurting, shame and loneliness...

I don’t blame you.

It’s just happened.

It needed to be done.

Out of love.


Waves, breeze, sun.

Recollection of a moment that was gone.

Sky, water, sand.

Memories flowing with the wind.

Sunset, moon, silence.

The night that’s bring the unknown.

The unknown world.

The unknown word.

Sunrise, birds, color.

The beauty of a new day,

A new beginning,

A new story!

My story.

Your story. 

Our story.