Author Feature - April 2021

Raven Sinclair is a Boston-based blogger and independent author. She developed a love for writing through an ambitious personal development challenge— blogging everyday for one calendar year. Raven has a keen interest in sharing her stories online through her website CuriousWordsBlog.com and inspiring others to work up the courage to do the same. Blogging for happiness is the theme of Raven’s latest work, a book titled “Year of the Blog: How to Achieve Your Life’s Purpose in 5 Steps and 365 Blog Posts.” This guide takes the reader through a year-long blogging challenge, with the aim of cultivating happiness and meaning through a few simple steps – self-reflection, the discovery of your passion, reaching your personal a-ha moment, working toward your purpose, and, finally, living in harmony with it. 


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By the end of your journey, I hope you will wake up every morning knowing your right path and how to move forward in life in accordance with your values. You will be able to make decisions that bring you satisfaction in both the short and long term. Sometimes sacrifices are necessary, however, toiling for the sake of toil is a self-sabotaging, if not masochistic, pursuit. Through your blogging journey and search for purpose, you will come to understand yourself in an illuminating way. Your light will turn on. You will experience your a-ha moment that will give your life context and therefore purpose. With this new understanding, you will be able to make meaningful decisions, sacrifices, and commitments to the things and people that matter most in your life. Your life will adopt a new hierarchy that will allow you to make meaningful progress in the direction you choose and will allow you to invest your energy proportionally on the things that matter most to you.


Some people find purpose in their work and service to others. Others discover that purpose lies in their commitments to family or loved ones. Others still hold purpose in their spiritual or religious beliefs. And some people even manage to find their life’s purpose in an interconnected way through all of these elements. Our purpose is our own calling. As we grow and change, our purpose may shift too. It is important that our minds and hearts are always open and willing to listen to what we truly desire. For life is a grand proposition abound with opportunities and every single day we have the option to live well. By understanding our purpose and committing to live by it, we are choosing meaning, fulfillment, and ultimately joy.