Author Feature - September 2021

Everyone has a journey, so here's mine....

I'm Pratibha, a poet and artist from the UK. I never knew I was writing poetry when I first started to write. Pouring my emotions out onto paper, when I was struggling with eczema as a teenager over 20 years ago, which affected my mental health, which, at the time, I didn't realise. Writing it down helped and so my writing began as a student. I would re-read them later, amazed with the rawness I had written, knowing one day, I wanted to publish them, to help others facing similar situations. Fast forward to October 2020 and I finally published these poems into my debut poetry book “Tangles + Knots", a journey of hope and self-belief, intertwined with my mindfulness art and mental wellbeing themes. 

Since my book release, I have been active on social media, whilst learning about the world of poetry and publications!! I got back into writing again that same year (March 2020), during the UK Covid lockdown, publishing online on Cosmofunnel. I discovered I could still write! It helped me build my confidence and my poem "Night" won the April 2020 contest. Recently, my poems have been published in two anthologies - "Jane Austen: thoughts and opinions" and "Peace and Love Inks Around the World" and I have gained recognition for themed contests on "The Passion of Poetry” facebook group, such as coming first place for "Hands of Time." 

This August, "Tangles + Knots" was the featured book for the "Garden Book Club", a global online event. My book was truly embraced within this group and it created an amazing positive vibe and adding colour to my mindfulness art was enthusiastically received, giving my book its total uniqueness. I actually got back into drawing again, creating the cover and artwork for my book, starting with the "Tangle Tree of Life" (back cover) and then the other illustrations followed in the same style, with the leaves and flowers representing our ability to grow and move on.

I am inspired by nature, science, spirituality and art and mindfulness continues to play an important role in my explorative writing, with my Instagram page, of bite sized mindfulness quotes on "Pratibha Poetry Art". Between working part time in education, being a busy mum and planning a little mindfulness book, I still enjoy the freedom of being creative and writing in my sketchbook without any lines or rules!!

“We are all extraordinary in the ordinary things we do”

With Love, Pratibha x

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I see it so clearly and I believe it is real

Yet I cannot deny

This is a figment of my imagination

However, dreams create something special

Some hope and a road to walk on

It is like the unconscious world

Is speaking to you about

Your next move in life

It is like seeing the vivid pictures

In your head before it has even begun

But then again

The other purpose is of escapism

The fantasy world

Lives on in the dream world

As it can never be in reality

It can in the figment of my imagination

It would be amazing to leap into

The dreamy unconscious world

Anytime I desired

So that I cannot tell from fantasy and reality

They submerge together

And exist to complement each other

You see the dream world can exist in the real world

If you let it

So let it


“Mirror mirror on the wall

I see you looking at me

And I do not like it at all!”

“Mirror mirror on the wall

You are an illusion

I hate you all!

Don’t reflect on me

Because that reflection

Is not as real as me!”


The strength to go on

To face my troubled mind

To face my delicate skin

To reach deep inside

And pull out my soul

So to slap me across the face

The realisation

To wake up now

And see what you’re doing

The strength to fight back

And change the future


Reclaim your life

And bring together new hope