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To every SOUL

In every soul that you

will find, there is a person

that will wonder upon their differences.

Who am I? Where do I belong?

But the soul should

be told that you should not

stride upon a path of discomfort

or that you should be different to

what your heart desires.

But that you are strong and you should

only wonder over those who say

that your heart and soul are

beautiful and it is good to have

a unique heart otherwise you

will be lost once more; because

Equality is a star that should

always shine upon you no matter

what anybody says.

Because that is where every soul

and heart should belong.

I wrote the Equality poem last year in school. We were asked to think about what equality means to us so I decided to write a poem with my thoughts.

I love writing poems as they are the best way that I can express my feelings. It makes me feel happy when I write and I find it an easier way to write about my true feelings.

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