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October 2021 - Kassie Recommends


It is my favorite time… Ok ok – the start of my favorite three months. And it starts with Halloween! The time where our apartment looks like the inside of a pumpkin and smells like the ultimate PSL dream and every corner hides the echoes of screams from the non-stop horror movies. If you want to see my weekly list of movies and shows watched – check out my Instagram or personal FB page!


John Doe edits are DONE – now just waiting for it to be up in stores pre-order lists to share with you all! And waiting for my hardcover pre-read copy to review in all it’s glory! If you are in the NY area – be prepared to come visit me in person for a launch party coming up!!! Sign up at to keep informed on all things about (your next favorite fictional read) The Death and Life of John Doe!


Something was wrong – season 9 – just waiting for each Thursday for a new episode to see what is not what it seems!

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