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Mel Recommends - March

Book: Expectation by Anna Hope

A book that beautifully portrays how the lives we end up leading are far from the lives we had planned out for ourselves. The story follows Lissa, Hannah, and Cate during their ten-year friendship as they navigate their way through failed relationships, careers and through the fitting title of their lives just not living up to their ‘expectations.’

Film: For Olivia

A British film starring Hugh Bonnerville as Roald Dahl, and Keely Hawes as Patricia Neal. The film is based on the Stephen Michael Shearer biography about Patricia Neal. I found it to be a powerful and emotional film about the loss of a child and the ways in which the different ways people experience grief can affect a relationship. The loss of their daughter happened at the same time that Dahl’s success began to take off with ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’

Podcast: Your Wrong About

You’re Wrong About is an American pop culture podcast hosed by Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall that delves into misunderstood media events and how the public have got things wrong on some very controversial topics.

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