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May - Mel Recommends...

TV Show: Scandal

I think I am little late to the party, but I have recently discovered Scandal and have been completely sucked it. It is fast-paced, political, gripping and emotional. What more do you need?​

Book: Such a fun Age by Kiley Reid

This is a story of a young black woman who is accused of kidnapping while babysitting a white child and many more events that follow this incident. It’s written in a way that is so easily digestible that you don’t even realise you’re reading! ​

Podcast: Feel Better Live More with Dr Chatterjee

For anyone who is constantly on a journey of self-improvement and discovery then this is podcast for you! Dr Chatterjee speaks to many incredibly knowledgeable people on a range of topics both emotional and physical. I particularly enjoyed ‘The voice in our heads and how to harness it, with Dr Ethan Kross.’ It is as Dr Chatterjee describes ‘A weekly dose of optimism.’

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