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May - Kassie Recommends...

TV Show: Gilmore Girls

Ok ok – so this is not anything new – but I found myself recently re-watching it after I found it on Netflix and was reminded just what an enjoyable show it is. Feel good, smart, and just so enjoyable as an escape from the concrete city for just a few more weeks.​

Book: Can I say mine?

I’ve been reading, re-reading, re-re-reading while waiting for my box of books to arrive – just to make sure there wasn’t something me / my editor missed. Don’t forget to pre-order! Only three weeks left. This is my last poetry book for a bit while I switch my focus over to my collection of short stories “The View From My Window” and puppet making for a movie project that my husband and I are working on.​

Listening: Oldies

Specifically, any song from Richard Simmon’s Sweatin to the Oldies while I try to lose some of this new-found weight from sitting in my living room for a year. I mean who doesn’t love those old Richard Simmon’s workout videos (now available in DVD from Amazon) – don’t you just remember how fun those are??​

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