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Looking for volunteers!

With our daily careers + our own writing careers - you can imagine the toll that managing a monthly literary magazine (and all that goes with it) can take. While it's extremely rewarding and we are not ever wanting to end the opportunity that this magazine gives people around the world - we are looking for some help. Not only do we want to continue our magazine but we want to grow it into more opportunity and open MORE doors.

A few things we would love to get help with:

- managing our email and submissions

- reading submissions and organizing

- organizing anthologies

- social media, website, etc shares for submissions - looking for authors

- Weekly social media shares

If any of the above interests you (yes we can train you in new skills!) - please reach out! While we are a non-profit magazine (all profits rotate back into our costs) - we can give perks and joy (and internship referrals)!

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