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Once upon a now, not so far away a nasty virus ruled the world.

His name was Corona. He terrorized the Earth. Destroying human lives and their livelihoods.

This creature was not like anything the humans had ever seen before, because they could not see him! He seemed harmless at first. A temperature, a cough just like the flu. The problem is, this flu could kill you! He went around the world breathing into people. Some people didn’t even know he had done it, but others died a lingering, horrible death.

Corona had no respect for age, it didn’t matter about your creed, woman or man, old and young, all were in danger. Everyone!

Leaders of each country decided what was best. This is no time for hate or jest.

“Do as John and Yoko” they said. “Grow your hair and stay in bed!”

“We can’t do that” the people said. “We need to work to earn our bread”

“Ditch the office, work from home. You'll concentrate better when you are alone.”

So along came Zoom! A video meeting room.

Put on your pajamas, sit up in bed. The boss can only see your head.

Not everyone worked though. Some people were furloughed instead. “What is this word?” I hear you cry. The leaders paid the boss so their staff could get by. Some sat at home in fear and dread. Some jogged or cycled and walked. Others sat on the sofa, binge watching TV to stop the daemons entering their heads.

“You don’t need new clothes from the shop”. The leaders said.

That’s OK the people thought. They learned to knit and sew, stick sequins to make their outfits glow. Sometimes triumphant, sometimes distraught. With needles and thread, they fought and fought. And since pajamas were all they needed, they took advice from YouTube. Although this advice was not always heeded.

“Exchange the takeaway for a healthier fake-away.” The leaders said.

So, the people found kitchens, from once they hid. There were plenty of tins that needed rid.

There was a shortage of flour, so a cake was no fun. So, some people gave up and just drank rum. From the cook came treats and disasters galore. Some foods they’d never tasted before.

“Cheer and clap for the NHS. The heroes of the day!”. So, every Thursday we’d clap and cheer, as the bells rang out at 8 O’clock. With a saucepan and a wooden spoon the children would run amok.

“Supermarkets deliver now, so you can stay away.” “The supermarket is the only place we can go” the people said. So with Sunday best, and make up galore, the only chance for a little glamour, off they went with trolleys filled high. With toilet rolls, pasta, tinned beans and pork pie. The smell of disinfectant filling the air, the shop attendants sigh in despair. As everyone went shopping, a family outing, except Dad’s still at home, he’s stuck on the grouting. Two meters apart, one item only, “which aisle is the queue in?” These rules are confusing.

So, to all Mums and Dads who are thinking “How can I teach my kids and keep working? I haven't the time, my boat will be sinking.” Remember these times with fondness. Not every husband can be home with his wife. Not every parent can be with their child. Education needs to shape up anyway. What’s more important in this life?

Theatres, pubs, cinema, concerts, parties and the gym are now all places we cannot dare to go, they’re closed now you see, our leaders said so. Our own entertainment we now must make. Switch off from the news, the radio too. This news is toxic, it makes you feel blue.

There were botched haircuts, dance videos made, cakes were baked that did not make the grade. Clothes were recycled, not put in the bin. Exercise, writing, small parties are exciting! School can be fun when it’s with Dad or Mum. A new way of living, of dreaming new dreams, we won’t let society fall apart at the seams.

Although this Corona is a terrible thing, we have all learned that happiness comes from within.

We’ve helped one another, through thick and through thin.

Our lessons were clear, we do love our kin.

We will fight this fight, Corona won’t win. We are human beings, we will not give in.

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