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Kassie Recommends - March

Listening: Anjimile

Seriously google his debut album Giver Taker. He is so unlike many of the artists today in that he is a storyteller… a poet that I haven’t heard in so long. Beautiful and breathtaking and think speaks to many of our readers.

Reading: We Should All Be Feminists

I rarely have time to read anymore outside of books I’m writing reviews for or clients I’m prepping for publication or agent submissions. But a very small and important read from the past month – We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. A wonderful reminder to the world.

Movies: All Godzilla – All The Time

As we near the latest Godzilla movie coming out at the end of March – we are catching up on ALL Godzilla movies from the years (and I threw in King Kong too… because it just makes sense). We have made it to the 70’s now and I can hear my husband pacing impatiently in the next room waiting for a break from the click of my keyboard so that we can start the next movie. They are entertaining and honestly give me just a bit of relief from the knowledge that we will not be visiting Japan this year like we had originally planned. At least I can practice listening to Japanese and eat rice balls while watching Godzilla stomp around for hours.

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