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Kassie Recommends - February

Listening: Bob Dylan

Nothing new here – just really have been in a Bob Dylan mood for the past month. I think it’s his everlasting voice. It’s my new-old constant soundtrack for the cold season.

TV Show: WandaVision

Thank you Disney+ for more marvel… with WandaVision. I still have no idea what is going on but I am quiet enjoying it. We made it through the 50s, 60s, and 70s and now back into the real world for a bit. Ready for next Friday.


As far as feel good movies (needed) go – I cannot recommend Eurovision enough. I watched this immediately when it came out but since then I have watched it probably half a dozen times. I adore most everything about this movie and it makes me earn to head back to Iceland and the empty West Fjords.

A few new movies that we’ve rented (I miss movie theaters but the next best thing) recently that I recommend are: Promising Young Woman – not for everyone. It’s a bit difficult to watch but more than a little rewarding for most women out there. News of the World – the new Tom Hanks movie where he travels through Texas after the civil war, reading news to towns. Really enjoyed that and highly recommend the early rental.

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