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Gary Shulman, MS. Ed. has spent a lifetime supporting vulnerable families and children. He began his career working with children with and without disabilities in an inclusive Head Start program in Brooklyn NY. He then transitioned to become the Special Needs and Early Childhood Coordinator for the Brooklyn Children's Museum for 10 years. His passion for advocacy grew as he worked more and more with parents of children with disabilities. For over 24 years he passionately advocated for the needs of these parents as the Social Services and Training Director for Resources for Children with Special Needs, Inc. in NYC.

The last 8 years of his working life, Mr. Shulman served as a private Special Needs Consultant conducting hundreds of training sessions throughout NYC and beyond to help parents and professionals find and access the services and systems required to facilitate maximizing the potential of their children with disabilities. Now retired from his advocacy endeavors, Gary enjoys sharing his poetry that he passionately writes with the goal of leaving this world a better place one word at a time........still advocating for kindness in this world.



Here's to the children who don't quite fit

Who run around aimlessly when all the others sit

Who look at the world through eyes unique

And into their souls you'd love to peak

To see just what magic makes them tick

When they look at a tree and call it a stick

Here's to the teens who will not abide

By life's set rules that they push aside

As they rock back and forth in their own special world

While grown-ups grow frustrated with lips tightly curled

Then bursts of brilliance they reveal as they race

While tears of love roll down a parent's face

Expectations often missed but still they yearn

Wondering today what skills they will learn

We hope for the ones who don't quite fit the mold

That the world will be kind as they grow old

We know that the bullies will play their cruel game

Reality is, cruelty sometimes brings shame

But optimism lives in each heart and mind

Of parents and professionals who continue to be kind

With a network of supporters shining bright as the sun

The ones who don't quite fit have already won

Nobody knows the future

So why pretend?

Let's celebrate their victories!

May they never end!!!



This child of mine you stare at so,

Please come closer so you will know

Just who my child is and what I see

when those sweet eyes stare back at me

I see no limits to my child’s life

Although I know

It will be filled with strife,

I’m hoping that doors will open each day

I’m praying that kindness

will come his way

You look frightened?

You tremble with fear?

Come, come closer

touch him my dear

Touch his cheek so soft

so sweet

Be one of those people

he needs to meet

Someone who will look

and hopefully see

The skill, the talent

The ability

Please come closer

You don’t have to speak

Come a little closer

Just touch his cheek

And when you do

you will see

He is no different

than you or me



Lord knows I’ve had my share in life

Of failures, fiascos and mistakes

All just part of the journey

Like the reality of gives and takes

Thinking I’d always be a stellar success

At everything I tried

Well here’s the great big wake up call

I wasn’t!!! … He sadly sighed

But all in all I have lived and loved

Received and given some joy

And sometimes, yes even sometimes

Was a very successful boy!

Nothing here too terribly profound

Esoteric or obscure

Just a very simple truth

Enlightening? I’m not really sure

We all have hopes, dreams and goals

In life we try to obtain

Sometimes never quite realized

The struggle sometimes in vain

But the journey that you take in life

With its intricate winding road

Also brings unexpected wins

Like a Prince born of a toad!

It’s not about the fiascos in life

Or dreams that never came true

It all about the journey

Just trying the best that you can do


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