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December 2021 - Kassie Recommends


I’m a sucker for Christmas movies… of all kinds. A few of my favorites for this time of year (in no particular order):

-Christmas Chronicles


-While You Were Sleeping

-Christmas Vacation

-White Christmas

-Die Hard

-Anna and the Apocalypse

-Christmas in Connecticut

-Smokey Mountain Christmas

-The Holiday

-Last Christmas

-Just Friends

-Four Christmases


-The Santa Claus

-The Family Man


-The Family Stone

-Miracle on 34th Street

-Office Christmas Party

-Four Christmases


Anything Hallmark, Netflix, etc – with the big city guy/gal that has to go home/to small town and falls for the local who is the town lawyer/doctor/handyman/hotel owner AND loves Christmas AND sometimes is a widow AND is nice to elderly people – they have a communication issue – but make up as the snow falls on Christmas Eve. Seriously – I love these movies.

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