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Coming Soon - The Death and Life of John Doe!

Walking out the door – November 16th

Pre-Order in September

Stay informed:

From best-selling poet of “This is 2020” and “Their Footsteps,” Kassie J Runyan, comes her debut novel, "The Death and Life of John Doe," which takes a deep look into trauma, the human psyche, and the struggle of living on the street.

Our nameless nomad walks out the front door of his suburban home, leaving his life behind. Not knowing what it is he's looking for… or what it is he’s running from. He closes the door and walks into a world full of the pain and joy that waits for him with each step. He keeps moving forward; driven by a desire to find a reason for his life and to discover his forgotten past. What he wasn’t prepared for were the dreams.

What is your name?

"The Death and Life of John Doe is a mesmerizing book that takes you on a cross-country journey and makes you question your own perception."

- Blurb Review

"The Death and Life of John Doe is a riveting novel that feels like a thrilling movie! Every chapter keeps you guessing until the last page!"

- Brittney Marie, Award-Winning Poet and Author

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