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Claudette Martinez


You can't fix me.

Gaze through my shallow disguise.

You want to fix me even it ends in my demise.

Dig your fingers beneath my eyes,

mold and shape

as you please.

Dig out the madness, soften the sadness, allow it to escape,

this invisible disease.

Leave me blind, leave it all behind,

just to catch a glimpse of who you once knew,

that girl so familiar to you.

You can't fix me; you mustn't attempt to try.

That girl is gone

replaced, reshaped, whisper goodbye.

You can't fix me.

I no longer exist,

not as you wished, love the damaged new soul, abandon the whole.

You can't fix me.

Embrace, love the changed soul, your alternative is to simply let go.

You can't fix me.

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