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Check Out Cambridge University's First Uni-Wide Literary Society!

By Mel Haagman

We are Cambridge University’s first uniwide literary society! We create spaces for writers and readers alike to come together and explore their creativity by organising speaker events, workshops, open-mics and more. CUPPS has hosted incredible speakers such as Helen Mort, Simon Armitage and Andrew McMillan, inspiring budding writers every year. We hold the weekly Failed Novelists writing group, which allows students to give and receive feedback on each others’ work. These sessions are very popular, and give everyone a chance to explore their work in a supportive and friendly setting. We also compile an annual anthology of student writing to showcase the incredible work produced at the university.

Lockdown has meant that we can’t meet each other as we once used to, but the Failed Novelists are thriving on Zoom. We have organised plenty of fantastic events for the rest of the year, allowing everyone to enjoy literature and our new speakers from the comfort of their homes! This year we have an enthusiastic committee who are all excited for the year ahead, and keen to ensure that CUPPS provides an active and dedicated platform for everyone. We’ve revitalised our social media so that you can always be updated on upcoming opportunities.

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