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Brittany Benko is a special needs mother, law enforcement wife, self-published poet, Hubpages blogg

er, LitPick book reviewer, Etsy seller, Wattpad writer, and freelance writer on Fiverr who lives in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. She has two poetry collections available for purchase on most online retail stores. You can look over her books by going to her website.

Brittany started writing poetry in 2019 when she put together a poetry blog. There are many poems to read including children's poetry as well as guest posts by other self-published poets. Although Brittany does not write for this blog anymore, she left the blogging site up for poetry lovers to enjoy.

Brittany ventured into the self-publishing industry in 2020 after connecting with fellow writers. Since she is a full time special needs mother, self-publishing gives her the chance to get involved with what she loves and has the chance to contribute financially to her family.

Brittany has been featured as a guest writer on Laura's Books and Blogs, has been featured as a poet in the Autism Parenting Magazine, Poetic Reveries, OpenDoor Magazine, and has done a podcast radio interview with Shout Radio. All of her publications are featured on her website.

When Brittany is not writing, she enjoys singing in church, reading, and walks on the beach.


Poems have the power to touch our souls in an intense, raw way as we read and experience words that we deeply resonate with. Whenever you want to feel inspired, happy, at peace, or to experience life through someone else's eyes, you can simply read a poem and make this happen.

Now imagine if you had a collection of versatile poems touching on a little bit of everything, which you can reach out to whenever you need to? This is precisely what Poetic Poems and Prose offers!



Poetic words I write for you

Your lips are damp like sweet honey dew

Our love resembles a summer song

Cherishing each other all night long

Your soft hands brings chills within

I love your face that wears your grin



People do not understand me

I wish they could see past the mask

Struggling through greetings and smiles

Pushing past my limits to keep up for a while

I'll pretend to be a social butterfly fluttering throughout the day

I'll even mimic your laugh to ensure I'll be okay

Although I'd rather listen to raindrops within the night

I keep pushing myself to be a Goddess in the light



I taste your lips pressed to mine

They're sweet like sugar plums

Your touch is gentle when we're lovers

Stardust explodes between us



Sitting on a bar stool at a quarter past ten

Wearing her finest jewels while hunting wealthy men

Her dress is made of satin that shows her snowy skin

Casting out her charms, she catches you with a grin

Eager to to latch on, the fish come swimming in

The winner sits by the beauty drinking at the bar

He doesn't know her game

He sees her as a star

She nibbles on his ear

He shivers with pure delight

They make it back to his place and stay there through the night

She treats him like a God until she hears him say

Marry me, my sweet

Make me happy today

They have a simple wedding

Their love is strong and true

No need to waste riches

This they strongly knew

She goes about her day as the happy wife

She cooks for him and cleans

This brings his heart delight

One evening after supper the newly wed feel ill

His breathing becomes heavy and develops drowsiness and chills

The wife sits by his side as he starts to fade

Smirking with triumph at succeeding at her game

She mourns his death with family under the big black veil

Enjoying a wealthy life

She is clearly going to Hell

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