Author Feature - July 2021

I am in my early 40's, however, I have had a love of writing poetry since my very early years. In fact, I've had a love of writing in general, pretty much all of my life. I have always been the girl who would "go all the way around the houses" and "ramble on" to give you "the far end of a fart" before getting to the actual point. Through my primary school years I was described as a "flowery writer", which I guess is maybe a nod to my "rambling"ways. In my later teens and early twenties, I was described as "eloquent" and maybe a tad "eccentric" and "dreamy" with regards to my writing style, that often depicts my sideways view and opinion on varied subjects. Either way, I do believe all of the above to have been extremely beneficial in aiding to enrich my style of writing. Born and bred in Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, I class myself as a "typical Yorkshire lass", if there was ever such a thing. I will deem to call a spade a spade, and make no apologies for it. My bluntness and sarcasm have often gotten me into trouble in the past, however I always try and stay true to myself, and say, or in this case, write exactly how I am feeling at the time.

I have a health condition called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (C.F.S), also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E), which can, at worst, leave me feeling paralysed with fatigue. This prevents me from taking on a regular paid job. I hate not being able to work in a conventional way, so writing poetry is my way of attempting to do my bit. In publishing my book, i guess it's my way of hoping to build up some kind of revenue, that I can use towards my contribution towards the household bills etc.

Writing poetry helps me to make sense of a world, that doesn't always make sense.

My thought process may be unconventional, and my rhyming is often imperfect, hence the title of my first book The Rambling Rhymes of an Imperfect Mind.

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Mam I'm hungry, Mam can I have?
I have to tidy my room? Are you having a laugh?
Mam I'm really really bored,
Why can't I go to school?
I'm missing Grandma,
You're so cruel.
I want to play out, with Billy next door,
Why can't we get McDonald's now, are we really poor?
Your hair's going gray Mam,
You're growing a mustache.
Don't kiss me goodnight Mam, I might get a rash.
Why can't I play out Mam?
Can we go to seaside today?
It's really not fair Mam,
I just want to go out and play.
I'm missing my friends Mam,
Do you think they're missing me?
Do you think the park might be open now,
Can we go and see?
I've just watched the news Mam,
and it was really sad,
They said that people are dying,
and that going out is bad.
I'm sorry for nagging Mam,
and I just want to say,
Let's leave playing out, for another day.
It's a really scary time,
Are you scared too?
Thanks for keeping me safe Mam,
I love you.

Take a step in these shoes, then judge me,
walk a mile in these shoes if you can.
Carry this baggage on your shoulder, and this heavy heart in your hand.
You can look at me like that if you want, but everybody has a story to tell.
Can you tell by casting a glance at me, if my life has been heaven or hell?
I would love to be in your ivory tower, looking down on me as you do,
But let's get this straight, you know nothing,
apart from it's all about you.
You should never judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a child by its mother too,
don't judge a man by his colour, is that the way I treated you?
Have you ever had a problem? Because you clearly have one now.
And haven't you got a tale to tell? I really wonder how.
It must be great being perfect, people in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks,
and you steer so clear away from adversity?
I'd love to know your tricks.
Take just a little step in these shoes then judge me,
walk a mile in these shoes if you can.
Carry this baggage on your shoulder and this heavy heart in your hand.

No more back to school photographs, taken on my phone.
No more parents evening's,
no more shopping for uniform.
Those tiny black sand shoes, are now a thing of the past.
The school run and the sports days, seemed to come then go so fast.
No packed lunches, p.e kit, pigtails and pinafore.
Class assemblies and Christmas concerts,
I will attend no more.
No more college productions, in the audience sitting proud.
Calming your nerves, helping you learn your lines, listening to you practice them out loud.
No more waiting nervously, for results and marks and grades.
Those days now gone, but etched in memories that will maybe one day fade.
Your days of school and college, passed by and now in the past.
Lessons learned, friends made for life,
An education that will last.
The world is now your oyster,
full of experiences and adventures galore.
I know you will learn from life's lessons,
Though your school days are no more.