Poet Feature - December 2020

I have always from a child enjoyed writing poetry. My poems are like me, not deep complicated, but easy reading and undemanding. I pick up on people's idiosyncrasies and the way they may think. Looking at life as I see it. Enjoying the beauty of nature.

I feel lost when I have no thoughts of a poem and on cloud nine when I have finished one. As long as it is good! With four grandchildren and being married for 45 years gives me a few ideas . I have never had a book published, but have had a few poems in the local papers, I have a web page on Facebook called “Poetry From Mars”, which has about 1500 followers, more would be welcome.

As always, I will be celebrating any thing I can, but I did celebrate my 65th birthday in September!


Far from the Maddening Crowd.
Delve deep into my soul,
I think this is where I’d be,
Sitting on a rock
Looking out to sea.
The water shines and glistens.
The waves wash gently to the shore.
Such peace and such beauty
I could sit for evermore.
The faces in the rocks
Stand guard over me,
Allowing me to share the magnificent
Of this coast so wild and free.
With the breeze on my face
The sky darkens all around
To enhance another scene.
Different colours to be found .
The sea turns to dark silver.
The rocks a menacing grey,
But it still holds a splendour
That makes me want to stay.

Are We Nearly there yet?
Are we nearly there yet?
Says the voice in the car.
“It’s been taking ages.
Why is it so far?
Can we stop soon?
I do need a pee.
My bum’s gone numb.
How much further can it be?
Are we nearly there yet?”
“We’ve only done another mile!”
His fingers clutch the steering wheel,
I can see he is getting hostile.
“But I really need to go “
Says that little voice once more.
His mouth moved without sound ,
I’m pretty sure he swore!
Then suddenly he turns,
And halts, making noisy skids.
“Next time I’ll leave you at home,
And just bring the bloomin’ kids

Grumpy Old Men
Another new day
Of sunshine and laughter,
Now we are retired
It should be happy ever after.
It starts off so quiet.
Our life is complete,
But it begins to kick off
As soon as he gets to his feet!
"Where are my glasses?
What have you done with my phone?"
The hunt then begins
Like a dog digging for his bone.
Cushions are thrown.
Clothes fly in the air.
"Here they are dear"
"Who put them there?"
Breakfast is done
Its time to go out.
So its "Where are my keys?"
Of that I've no doubt.
Through all the pockets,
Jeans, jacket and coat.
"Ooops they're here in me bag'
Now don't jump down me throat".
When he is driving,
He swears and he curse,
As every driver
Is clearly the worst.
"What are they doing?
Shouldn't be allowed on the road.
Just get a move on
Don't you know highway code?"
Next, it's horse riders and cyclist,
That come under threat.
Trying to get past
He breaks into a sweat.
"Shall we go home?
Feet up and unwind."
I'm sure that would be best
For the welfare of mankind.
Let's calm and destress.
Slouch on the settee.
Then he can moan
About the rubbish on T.V.

Don’t dance with the Devil.
Don’t dance with the Devil
If you wannabe good,
But if you wannabe bad
Then maybe you should.
Start with a Jig
He’ll be watching you,
Rubbing his hands together,
“ I’ve got someone new”
And if you enjoy it,
It makes you come alive.
You can always progress
To a full on Jive.
Once he has your interest
He’ll let you Rock n Roll.
Then before you know it
You have sold your sole.
There’s no turning back
When you’ve got this far.
You are now his disciple
Progressed to a lively Cha Cha.
You will never know a Heaven,
It will be hot where you dwell.
Once he has your soul
You will forever burn in Hell.
So don’t dance with the Devil
If you wannabe good.
But if you wannabe bad
Then maybe you should.