Author Feature - April 2021

Manju S M is a certified Life Coach and a Genetic Brain Profiling Counsellor. She is the Founder of Finestra and is working on a mission to bring smiles on a million people by helping them build their lives. She is an enthusiastic and fun-loving woman spreading happiness to everybody around her. ‘Making a difference in people’s life’ and creativity are some of her top core values. Writing is her passion, and she believes her words can help her live up to her core values. She has published a good number of short stories at elucidating vital messages that could create a paradigm shift in the mindset of readers. She has also been blogging for over a year at where she posts short stories, poems and stuff related to personal wellbeing and parenting. She is also a published author of ‘Love Uncontrolled’, a collection of 50 soulful romantic poems. Love she believes is a universal healer; the real elixir of life. That’s why she had chosen ‘love’ as the theme of her first poetry book. She also has a collection of short stories and a non-fiction titled ‘Be Happy Again’ in pipeline. Currently she is working on her debut novel, which she is planning to have it published by this year end. Her perseverance, creativity and sheer love for the work she does, are what she believes have got her to where she is today.

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I seem to be

Inebriated with love.

My perfumes

Have begun of smelling of you.

The blushes on my face

Have become my tattoo.

My shadows too

Seem to look like you.

When I say my name,

I only hear you.

Because, you see,

I am totally inebriated with love,

All because of you.


Yes, I haven't kept myself

Really insulated or fenced.

But how does that 

Authorise you

To rob me of my heart 

And leave me desperately wanting

More and more of you?

Like hydrogen, not helium,

I have realised I’m not inert too.

Look how effortlessly 

You have got me reacting to you.

Help me. 

I am 

Reeling in love for you!

Spreading of molecules

Of one medium

Throughout another medium.

That’s diffusion.

And diffusion

Doesn’t occur in solids 

Where there’s no space 

Between the particles of matter.

I wonder how then

You managed to diffuse through

My mind, body, heart and soul

And become

The only thing to me 

That mattered?