Author Feature - November 2021

LaVan Robinson, born as Larry LaVan Richardson, Jr, took his pen name from his middle name and his mother Mary's maiden name. He writes in her honor. As well, he has a beloved son, Audy. LaVan is a 13-year veteran, he has written poetry since high school. "LaLa" is Robinson's poet name. He states that he loves poetry and will use it to inspire people and bring them closer to God. LaVan has 5 books of poetry available on Amazon as well as contributions to anthologies and literary journals. You can find LaLa performing at open mic's and on podcasts. He can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Books by LaVan Robinson:

Songs of LaLa: The Poet (Second Edition 2020) 

Love’s Rhapsody (2020)

Cries of a Society (2020)

Love's Anticipation (2021)

Silver Linings (2021)






Of your reality, you’re the creator. You have the power to make it much better and greater. Touching and inspiring lives and souls along the way. Providing hope into days that are hopeless and gray, whatever reality you choose all depends on what here on this earth you do. Be the light you’re meant to be. Through the darkness and troubling times, you can shine so bright and illuminating. Bringing about through your destined journey to others and yourself that much needed inner peace.




Twisted ideologies and bad decisions are a part of a society that among its citizens causing so much tension and great division. Hustling and grinding for a slice of prosperity where everyone is included in the pursuit of the American dream. The leaders make achieving this so dam hard by setting up obstacles both seen and unseen to make you purposely stumble and fall. When caught up in the act and lies, they just bold face deny, deny, and deny while in secrecy, busy tallying up the great dividends they get for each and every life. Off the backs of the embattled taxpayers and poor, they enjoy their lifestyles simple luxuries while the poor in their anguish gets to enjoy pain, strife, and misery. When it’s in the leader’s hands to share with the citizens the vast abundance of the resources with. They out of rebuttal claim to not or want anything to do with it. Leaving many desperate, distraught, and utterly hopeless. Wondering for them and their families where their next meal will come from or where they’ll lay their heads under the sun being that this is their only and main focus.




Dysfunction is the sign of the living where hatred and taking is the norm-instead of Loving and giving. In this world, along with the devil they have created, man seems so lost but he’s willing to protect his way of life and interests by any means necessary at any cost. Beware of him that from afar you can tell because he brings with him the depths of hell. From their countenance, they’ll cause the masses that have gathered in love, peace and unity to take notice out of fear, to suddenly scatter, seeking out the weakest soul on it they’ll prance and in their triumph, they’ll celebrate with song and dance.