Poet Feature - October 2020

I am from Essex, England. I am a mum to two boys called Elliott and Theo. I met my fiancé Craig when I sold him my old car 10 years ago. 

I began writing poetry due to an episode of depression. I have battled on and off with depression since my teenage years. In 2016, I felt myself becoming depressed again and was finding it hard to find happiness. I reminded myself that I had overcome depression before and would be able to do so again. I started to write a poem called Run about this battle and found it was like therapy. I had hope by remembering that I had felt that way before. I shared this poem with some friends and was encouraged to start sharing my poetry more. Since then, I have written several poems about mental health issues, but always write them with a positive message of hope. My intention being that perhaps one day someone would read it and realize that they aren't alone and that it will get better.

I then ventured into other genres, and found my darling children provided unending inspiration. My poems are rhyming stories. A trip down memory lane which is easily relatable. I can only write my poems based on my own life experiences, so they are always from the heart. 


I am in the process of self publishing a collection of my parenting poems, and plan to publish some of my mental health poems too.  

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Unmade Bed

I'd sit and watch you play all day,
But dishes must be put away.
I need to dust, to wipe the side,
You shout to me you've gone to hide.


"Ready or not, here I come!"


I find you almost straight away,
Your giggle helps show me the way.
I need to go and make the bed
You find a book we've not yet read.


So we read it.


One day soon you won't want me
But while you do, right here I'll be.
Some jobs can wait and wait they will.
That's why my bed is unmade still.

Perfectly imperfect

I love you when you're helpful
And I love when you're polite.
I love when you pick up your toys,
When you behave just right.
I love how kind and sweet you are
I love your tender heart.
I love it when you comb your hair
I love when you look smart.
But did you know that I still love you
Even when you make a mess?
That I love you when you talk too loud
Or when you help me less?
I love you when you're grubby
And I love you when you're mad.
I love you when you're being good
But also when you're bad.
You are perfectly imperfect.
You make mistakes, just like I do.
I love all your imperfections
Because without them, you're not you.