Author Feature - March 2022

Kathy Jo (Blake) Bryant hails from the United States, originally from Texas, now residing in Missouri. A published author of Golden Glowing Mushroom.  She is an avid genealogist, a member of a lineage society, and has authored a two-volume book on genealogy.  She writes poetry on quite a number of subjects. Even though she has intermittently been writing poetry since youth, she has had a positive surge in writing, since joining quite a few poetry groups, within the last several years.


Kathy Jo is a favourite for many across the globe, who have been introduced to her work through her appearances on open mic sessions, as well as on quite a number of digital platforms to maximize her reach and impact. She is an award-winning poetess who is well-known and respected for her blend of rhythm, rhyme, and freestyle.


She has had her poetry accepted on The Sparrow, a recitative YouTube poetry group, Writings on the Wall, a YouTube poetry readings platform, The Poet's Narrative, an elite media Facebook group by Alan Johnson, and Poetizerdotcom. She has received a growing number of poetry certificates of various kinds, for Picture Prompts, and daily and weekly contests. She has themed poetry featured in online and printed anthologies for Open Door Poetry Magazine, and quite a few other anthologies. She is a member of, and former moderator for: The Passion of Poetry, a very large Facebook group with over 19 thousand members.