Poet Feature - May 2020

Amanda-Jane Bayliss (West Yorkshire, England) is an exciting new poetess who has been offering her creativeness to publishers in February 2021, and already her work is proving to be a success. On her last count, 20 publishers have accepted her work, this includes work that publishers have already published or is upcoming. The count includes digital and printed work. Her work will be printed in zines and a handful of different anthologies which will be printed in America, Australia, and England. In May her poem Frozen Doe will be read as part of the TableRock festival which is taking place in Texas. Amanda-Jane's dream is to present her own collection of creativeness in print but at the moment her dream is at an early stage. She is beginning to group her work together and gather different ideas. She suggests that her success is down to her writing in different forms and about different genres. Her work can leave the reader with a warm glow or leave them in suspense and gripping for more.  ​

Amanda-Jane works at her local college supporting students with their studies and encourages them to chase their dreams, she acknowledges that her story should be an inspiration for others and explains that no one should ever be afraid of the unknown. She asks what happens if the unknown is a story of success, but you never try to create your chapters? She also encourages her teenage son to follow his dreams and tells him not to be afraid of the unknown.  ​

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Thank you ​

For always been there ​

Following me everywhere I go. ​

You are my angel ​

The guardian of my soul. ​

I feel your love ​

Your power ​

Energizing my glow. ​

You light my path ​

Encouraging me ​

To live my life to the full. ​

Without you, my world would be dark ​

And I know I would stray. 


Without you ​

The day will deliver darkness ​

There will be no sun ​

Nor moon. ​

The flowers will droop ​

Their colours will fade. ​

Without you ​

The birds will not tweet ​

Life would not be so sweet ​

My heart would be black. ​

I would be blue ​

To live ​

Without you. 


 A crystal clear ​

Tear ​

Drifting ​

Slowly ​

From a precious ​

Emerald eye ​

Landing ​

Gently ​

On to my ​

Feathered heart ​

Your ​

Pearled smile ​

Shines bright 


A ​

Shadow ​

On the heart ​

 Departs your sight ​

Losing connection to a love so bright ​

Like a black cat, patrolling in the dead ​

Of night, flaunting ​

 Proudly in ​

The cold ​

 Light ​