Author Feature - November 2020

Jacob Moses (AKA Jack M. Freedman) is a poet and spoken word artist from Staten Island, NY. Publications featuring his work span the globe. Countries include USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Singapore, and Thailand. He penned the books: ...and the willow smiled (Cyberwit, 2019), Art Therapy 101 (Cyberwit, 2019), and Seance (Cyberwit, 2020). Each of these books are available on Amazon.

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Autumn Leaves

Would you care to jump

in a pile of autumn leaves

under this white birch?


Come snap a photo

of your exploits as you dive

into this foliage.


In sweater weather,

you can feel the crunchiness

in your wind-chapped palms.


Stripping this bark bare,

you can feel the heat as you

find a branch to climb.


You need only one

source of vegetation where

these twigs emanate.


Now you may join me

as the brisk wind embraces

and the sap pours out.

Through The Branches 

Celestial and surreal

Leaves loosely

Blanket the sunset


Where the horizon meets

Crickets sing the coming

Of crimson descent


Reminiscent of the sea

Forming a gradient meld

With Bermudian sand


Branches mimic the curtains

Yet still reveal the essence

Of a heaven embodying stillness


But a colder equinox makes way

As air accelerates

Breezing between bark


Never forget the roots

These images remind us of

Ancestry neglected


Loosening of dogma

Abandonment of shame

Serenity within illumination


Bleakness of desert.

Cacti I have befriended.

I saw her come by

in her big red pickup truck.

Nice of her to stop and wave.


And so I wave back,

smiling as I see her pass

My eyes are wistful

filling with a deep ennui

as my whiskers hang below.


Maybe one day I

will find this companionship

and I’ll be rescued

Not left in the tumbleweeds

rolling like the passing years.


Alas, I’m alone

reclining upon this rock,

hoping that Snoopy

has some leads on loving homes.

Flying Ace - take me away.