Poet / Artist Feature - February 2021

I am a Primary School Teacher based in Dorset but I have always loved to paint and write poetry in my free time. I love to travel and generally spend as much time outdoors as I can. Nature, animals and beautiful landscapes are always my greatest inspiration and I often find it is when I am walking alone that poems slowly begin to form in my head. I like to paint on canvas but especially on unique pieces of wood that I can find or buy. I love the natural frame that the wood creates for my paintings and I like to use acrylic for its vibrancy. I sell my own works but also take commissions and I love to personalise paintings with people and animals immersed in their favourite landscapes. 

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Will I ever be certain of any choice I make?

Or am I born to question every path I take?

Sometimes I think of childhood,

Those simple, carefree days,

When we all longed to be older

In our naive, childish ways,

If only for a little while,

I wish the world could pause,

So I could just drift aimlessly,

Not think about my cause,

For what is my life's purpose?

Why is it that I'm here?

Sometimes just moving through each day,

Seems so challenging to steer,

And yet...

Whilst choices are a burden,

What great privilege I possess,

That I have so much freedom,

Whilst others so much less,

So many have theirs stolen,

A twisted hand of fate,

And all that's holding me back,

Is my own choice just to wait,

I need faith in my future,

To let my life just be,

To embrace each new moment,

And feel grateful that I'm me.

Look Up.jpg
New Beginnings.jpg


This world was made to be free,

For all to share it's joy,

To walk where our hearts lead us,

Every girl and every boy,

Any path to any mountain top,

Any stretch of golden sand,

To gaze in wonder at the sky,

And stare across the land,

So who put boundaries in our path,

And asked us all to pay?

Who made the times we have to leave,

And durations we can stay?

Who said that this is only ours,

And that is only yours?

Who seeks out to divide us,

With this greedy, selfish cause?

If we could learn to trust and share,

With all who walk this earth,

And immerse ourselves in nature,

In this planet of our birth,

The world would be a better place,

I hope one day they'll see,

It's not meant to be divided,

It was made for you and me. 


When you find you're in the darkness and you feel you're all alone,

Nature is there to catch you and tell you that you're home,

The wind is there to hold you and sing it in your ears,

It will brush it's fingers through your hair and blow away your tears,

The sun will gently touch your skin with ever loving warmth,

And remind you of your blessings to help you through the storm,

The fire is there to warm your bones and remind you in the night,

That even in the darkness you can always find the light,

The earth will keep you grounded as your feet step through the grass,

And the seasons will remind you that what has come will pass.