Author Feature - October 2021

Dimithri Wijerathna is a young lady of 25 years. She was born in Sri Lanka and has gained her education in two schools. As well as completing her Higher National Diploma in English in SLIATE (Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education) in Kegalle. Currently she is a student of Faculty of Humanities and Social Science in Open University Sri Lanka. Dimithri, who has shown great interest towards writing since her childhood, has written poetry, dramas, and more. She has also won many contests in international platform. Recently she has published her debut poetry book which is available in both ebook and paperback. Her dream is to be a shining star in a global platform in writing and poetry. 






Flying colours 

         over the clouds 

With multi - coloured 


Passing the rivers, mountains 

          and fields 

With melodies of 


Freely, coolly you 

             fly afar 

Children waving 


With roars of 


Jumping up 

       and up 

Storm, the 


Hit ! you are 

       among the branches 

Torn and 


Alas! you are 

    Blasted !




The green-eyed monster with its weapon

Laughs at the "Weeping Earth"

"Weeping Earth" lives in isolation with locked feelings 

Victims yelling in pain; neighbors door locked in fear 

Hospitals in burden; streets in fear of "monster"

God, please have mercy on us 

People yelling, crying overnight 

Again, again it's on the platform. 




Glancing at stars 

Weeping for the moon 

Sipping  a cup of coffee 

With broken memories 

Recalling the fairy tales 

Chattered till the moon hid among the trees 

The sandcastle; broken; washed with waves 

Counting for warmth with un-melting love 

Eyes in pain with rose thorns 

Heart attack in fire 

Mind in cellar as prisoners 

Murmuring the past gone days 

As a book that lost its pages 

Faded ; Alas ! It's faded .