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Pandemic Ponderings

Doreen Arnoni



How did I know that I had to survive?

When my toilet roll count hit two hundred and five.

The freezer’s no good to put stuff in.

Wherever I look there’s a muffin.

I give us each our daily bread,

Do I have enough flour? Is the question I dread.


Now these are not things I did before,

But these days I’m doing them more and more.

It seems I’ve turned into a kitchen diva,

I toil at the stove in some kind of fever.

My social skills are down the drain.

Computer Mahjong’s destroying my brain.

In this new world filled with trouble and strife,

I ask one thing – please


I Guess I’ll Just Hug You From Here (song)

Kirk Patten

United States


The whole world’s gone crazy,

and I don’t know what to do.

I know that it’s best,

but I just want to get to you.

I want to hug you

just to help you make it through.

I guess I’ll hug you from here.


I guess I’ll hug you from here.

I have to hug you from here.

I’m not by your side

but please know that I’m near.

I guess I’ll hug you from here.


I saw you the other day

and that look on your face.

The fear in your eyes,

I just can’t erase.

I wish I could hug you

but we just can’t embrace.

I guess I’ll hug you from here.


I guess I’ll hug you from here.

I have to hug you from here.

I’m not by your side

but please know that I’m near.

I guess I’ll hug you from here.

You care for the people,

but you don’t have what you need.

You’re doing the best you can

but I know your heart bleeds.

I wish I could hug you,

you just look so fatigued.

I guess I’ll hug you from here.


I guess I’ll hug you from here.

I have to hug you from here.

I’m not by your side

but please know that I’m near.

I guess I’ll hug you from here.


Now ventilated

and I can’t get to you.

The medical staff is doing

the best they can do.

I wish I could hug you

like I normally do.

I guess I’ll hug you from here.


I guess I’ll hug you from here.

I have to hug you from here.

I’m not by your side

but please know that I’m near.

I guess I’ll hug you from here.

Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

Sharron Green



We’re getting into Zooming,
it keeps us in the loop,
it’s great for virtual gatherings,
like quizzes or book group.
We sit at home, drink what we like
and wear what we want too,
as long as we are fully clothed
when dashing to the loo!
Right now for groups of over six
it is the only way
to visit others’ houses - at any time of day.
For work it has become the norm
with meetings back to back,
there is no time for traveling
for gossip or to snack.
For those with things to hide behind
a backdrop can be fun,
unless you have a bookshelf to
show off to everyone.
Some like to be invisible or
mute, if home-life‘s loud,
it is our way to mingle
far from the madding crowd!

Through My Window

Nicola Meekin



I feel lonely behind my window,
No human touch to heal the pain.
I have no idea what day it is,
It will soon be tomorrow again

I can see the nurse through my window,
On her way out, to treat the ill.
I admire her for her bravery, her caring nature and her will.

I can see the sun through my window,
I can feel it's warmth within.
I can hear the birds chirping away,
Creating an inner calm, whilst staying in.

I can feel the breeze through my window,
I see pigeons and gulls flying high.
Whilst the world's stood still, it's wildlife is thriving,
A comforting feeling, that's no lie!

I see a changing view through my window,
The weeds in the garden, are growing tall.
My neighbours have mouthed through the glass "we're in this together!"
All for one and one for all.

The Lockdown’s Price of The Coronavirus

Tali Cohen Shabtai


Translated from Hebrew by Dr. Eitan Medini


My dear sisters!

He left abounded eyes

As if a child in the ghettos.


It is a deceptive exercise

to prepare humanity

for separation.


The thunderstorms over Israel

are too thunderous,

but do not be fooled by them.

It is not a message

that someone above is angry at the people

and for that reason

he brought

the virus

which separated

sister from sister

and daughter from father.


I do know, I almost died

on the operating table.

I do not request much.

Just to sit again,

the three of us

around the table

for Kiddush!


Friday night still waiting

for us, my dear sisters.

We have something

to look forward to

in my life!

For Now

Melanie Haagman – Girl On The Edge Poetry



For now...

The future is still unclear,

But the world will still evolve,

And we know at some point

The pandemic must resolve.

It’s changed us all completely

In a way hard to explain,

And we certainly know from now on

We will never be the same.

We’ve learnt so many lessons

That we cannot reverse,

A love for simplicity

We must always disperse.

An appreciation for workers

That we now deem as ‘key,’

And we are unsure why before

This we couldn’t quite see.

Our past actions for things

That we thought were essential

Are things we would now

Rather keep confidential.

We were thoughtless and greedy,

And wanted everything fast,

But that kind of behaviour –

Well, we knew it wouldn’t last.

The social interaction we lost

We could quickly replace,

And online and through Zoom

Became the new face-to-face.

But although we replaced it

We still felt so apart,

And as for easing the pain

It sure played a part,

And the notion of a hug

Felt like a chest of glorious treasure,

But we had to avoid it

For a protective measure.

Of our vulnerability we’re reminded

When living in this way,

And Reader, it’s never been clearer

That we must seize the day!

Class of 2020

Laura Dorrington



You're going back to school today.
It's different now, my sweet.
You'll need to wash your hands more,
Keep a distance of 6 feet.
Your teacher cannot hug you
Should you feel you're sad or scared,
She needs to be more mindful
Careful that no germs are shared.
It doesn't mean she doesn't care
Please tell her if you're blue,
She'll listen to your worries
Care in other ways for you.
With your friends it may be different
You might be asked to stay away,
You'll learn the new rules quickly,
It won't feel so strange past today.
It's a new adventure darling
With lots of new rules yet to learn,
But I know you'll pick it up
My clever one, I've no concern.
And when your school day ends
I'm going to cuddle you so tight,
Replace the hugs you may have missed
And make us both alright.
Then we'll walk home to our safe place
Step inside and close the door.
I love you so much, sweetheart,
For infinity and more.

Lockdown Poem

Steve Mattero

United States


My world is upside down

and oh the things I miss!

I’m here just hangin’ round,

inside this chrysalis.

These days in isolation,

I feel I’m wrapped too tight

and adding to frustration,

I just can’t sleep at night.

I need some help to break out.

I really want to try.

If I could see my future,

as floating butterfly.

For now I’m here in lockdown,

I hope it’s over soon.

Continuing to hang round,

in stifling cocoon.

WE or ME

Kassie J Runyan

United States


It starts with a whisper,

“excuse me Doctor,

have you heard of a cure?”


The talk grows louder.

Prognosis more dour.

People began to sour.


Looking for truth.

Something to help sooth

besides the hope of youth.


Prisons full of fear.

Holding their own lives dear.

Kill for the door to draw near.


The sickness spreads,

filling hospital beds.

Covering faces in threads.


We will all lose someone

once this is fully done.

It will impact everyone.

Will have to come together.

All birds of a feather

no mater the weather.


Or will we fight amongst us?

Refuse to discuss.

Refusing to let our lives adjust.


Will we think “me” over “we”

in a false effort to be “free”

while we watch the dead fall into the sea


They will look back on this moment

to see what we did and didn’t.

Who we are and what we represent.


I, for one, will do my part

because I have a heart

and I know that our social lives can restart.


We need to fight as a human race.

To set a pace.

And with that, we can mentally embrace.



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Mel is a special needs teacher from the UK. She lives by the sea and loves nothing more than walking along the beach with a coffee from her favourite cafe. She has always loved reading and writing poetry. 


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Kassie is a poet and fiction author from NYC. She spends her days working in marketing and her nights writing and designing... when she isn't traveling and trying to find the next best brewery.

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