Author Feature - February 2021

Chiara Maxia is a multilingual actress and writer. Born on the Italian island of Sardinia, she has lived in different countries including England, Russia, Scotland, and France. She started training as an actor in Italy, continuing her studies in London and later in Paris, where she graduated in Film Acting in 2019. She currently lives between France and Italy. In 2018 she published her first poetry collection Flirt. Icon - poems + visuals was released in April 2020.


Q: How did you get started with acting and writing poetry?

A: I started performing very young - the first time I stepped on a stage I was just eight years old. I reckon I developed that passion because my parents would often go to the theatre and to the cinema, and they’d take me with them - I was fascinated by what was before my eyes. Regarding the writing, I was very young too, but I don’t have a clear memory of  how or when it started - at some point it was just part of my life.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of poetry and theater?

A: I’m always hungry for knowledge, experience and inspiration - my favourite thing to do is whatever helps me grow whether it’s art, travelling, or getting lost in a meaningful conversation.  

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in bloom at night 

club kids Manchester 



tripping on lights  

moths to lightbulbs 


diet coke + vodka 

rattling studs 

sugary sweat 

mass production of shooting stars 

our silver will never rust 


from tomorrow I’ll be peaceful and content 

and I won’t choke on my own expectations 

my hair will be mid-length and well-groomed 

and my clothes will smell like brand conditioner 

from tomorrow I’ll moisturize compulsively 

and my eyeliner will always be on point 

I won’t put spicy oil on everything I eat 

and my breath will be so fresh you’ll wish to die in my throat 

from tomorrow my dishes will never form a curious pile in the  sink 

I’ll buy new clothes and find a real job  

I’ll download Bumble, swipe right on decency 

and carry his healthy child in my womb 

from tomorrow I’ll be ok 

you won’t even recognise me. 

today, however, 

I’ve got my finger on the trigger 

and you’re in my way