Author Feature - February 2021

Brittany Benko is a special needs mother and a law enforcement wife. She enjoys walks on the beach, reading, and spending time with her family. Brittany has had two poems featured in the Autism Parenting Magazine and one poem in the OpenDoor Poetry Magazine. She is currently working on a children's picture book about autism spectrum disorder and adding to her poetry collection. 


Q: How Did you start writing poetry?

A: I started writing poetry when I was fourteen years old. It was for an English assignment at school. I kept journals throughout my life that held mostly thoughts and poems. In 2019 I decided to create a poetry blogging website that contains poetry I write for adults and children. 


Q: Who is your favorite poet?

A: My favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe and Sara Teasdale. Both are excellent classic poets whose writings stand out with a dramatic quality. Both depict raw emotions the reader can feel intently. 

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Can you feel the evening bloom?

I feel it when we're under the moon

Cool, brisk winds that hit my face

Blowing my hair wildly in place

Maybe I'll catch a falling star

While you sit and puff on your cigar

I'll sing a graceful, elegant tune

As you hold me under the moon

Dancing fireflies buzz at night

Affecting us with pure delight

Crickets chirp while frogs sing songs

This paradise is where we belong

Think of me this afternoon

Holding hands under the moon


Callused hands

Hazel eyes

When I’m with you, feelings arise

Your lips on my skin gives sensations and flutters

The taste of your lips are unlike any other

Cuddled with you gazing at the stars

Looking through a telescope observing Mars

Candlelight, wine, and kisses on my breast

Our bodies become tangled and make me feel compressed

Love notes kept in a journal

Promising each other our loyalties are eternal

Small, sweet gestures you give to me

Makes realize we’re meant to be


I love the way you say my name

Eager and yearning in a passionate way

I love the way you stroke my hair

Gliding your fingers with caress and care

You speed up my heartbeat and I forget to breathe

The feel of your hands sends a sensation over me

When you kiss me, I see stars

Making heaven seem close rather than far

You give me hope when you are near

A circle of light has entered my life this year

A new beginning

A new path

You are the spark that opens my heart

For that, I am truly glad

Love today

Love tomorrow

Love your brethren while in sorrow

Feel the love up your sleeve

Tell yourself that as you grieve

Many folks have guarded walls

Protecting their hearts as they crawl

Love is not meant to be feared

Fondness should be adhered 

Loving your neighbor as yourself

Should come first before anything else

Living in a fast-paced world makes men selfish and vain

Making mankind turn their heads when someone yells out in pain

Let love and faithfulness never leave you

Let the wisdom from the Bible inspire your views

Be completely humble and gentle

Find a hobby that helps you become sentimental

Can a mother forget a baby at her breast and have no compassion for the child she has birthed?

Are human beings losing humanity because of an early curse?

I tell you, wipe away your tears and forget the past!

Focus on the here and now

Strive to surpass 

Love your neighbor

Love yourself

Love the universe like nothing else

If we absorb the energy of love

We’ll feel the greatness from high above