Author Feature - January 2021

Bilkis Moola resides in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Province in South Africa.  Her first published anthology, “Wounds and Wings:  A Lyrical Salve Through Metaphor” was received throughout South Africa and launched her poetic persona.  Recognition for her poetry soon reached an international platform where she has been published in:  “In So Many Words:  A Collection of Interviews and Poetry from Today’s Poets”, “Indiana Voice Journal” in The United States of America and “Scarlet Leaf Review” in Canada.  Bilkis Moola’s poetry has been published in India in: “Glomag:  Monthly Online Poetry and Prose Magazine”, “Women Poets:  Within and Beyond Shores” and “Verses on Racism, Resistance and Refugee Crisis”.  Her second anthology, “Ebb and Flow of Love” has been freshly launched in June 2020.  Encompassed within the two anthologies are a total of ninety-five poems in English.  An incidental discovery by the Creator and Editor of << souers >> which refers to sisters, resulted in  Bilkis Moola’s, “If You Were A Poem”’s translation into French.  “Time and Age” as orated on “The Virtual Poetry Reading” reached the ears of a poet who translated the poem into Polish.  Two further translations in Spanish and Hindi have also materialized.  Bilkis Moola’s prolific pen continues to sketch the flotsam in her mind from the passion in her heart on shreds of paper that bloom into poems. 

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Storm’s Sorceress

Celestial vaults herald a looming storm -
Trumpeting foreboding of a heavenly scorn.
The clash of thunder and rains beseech -
Those demons in nature in the wind’s hideous shrieks.

Howling a ferocious cry, she enters -
A savage sorceress in a seething temper.

In her attack, she unleashes an arm -
Gathering off the ground; her weapons for war.
Stretches of sand rise in escape -
As a blinding dust in a bewildered disarray,
Great gusts collide
Against stationary trees who heave in surprise.

An apothecary of menacing incantation -
Crackling the curse of a thunderous provocation.
Fomenting pellets of ice -
As hail to roar in a furious fight.

Lightning lashes in her glee -
Lacerating the skies as a fiery decree.
To heed her command, she doth beckons -
Come hither, in merciful submission!

Huddle not, in your shelters to take cover -
When as a mighty storm, can she devour.
Every earthly peace and serenity -
Within her cauldron of ethereal majesty.

Pregnant Woman

Her mind weaved through names -
a name, she had decided
would embody the beauty of
the life growing within her.

Lustful passion of bodies intertwined
released the single sperm that raced to her nest.

Her fingers clutched the chair
when she received the news -
The instinct in her hands formed a cradle
when she was told -
“You are expecting”,
Her fingers traveled to the swell in her belly.

Her song was a dance of delight -
sunshine smiled in the wistful breeze of trees
when the voice of expectation
reverberated in her eyes of joy.

Magical rhythms of soft heartbeats
whisper gestures of motion.

Twinkle, twinkle little star -
how I wonder what you are,
will you be a girl or
will you be a boy?
a dreamer tending to the moon or
a traveler with your feet on the ground.

You begin to curl in my womb -
we are bound now by a cord
attached in an inch
as you grow.

My breasts will feed the milk of sweet pudding -
sucked by your hungry mouth.

Eyelashes and eyebrows grow -
you flutter as you listen to my lullaby.
Six months have passed as I await your birth with emotion -
tears, anxious for our labor.

You sleep and awake -
kick and jab, stretch and wiggle.
You sense the light that will greet you
when you arrive and our cord is cut.

We are ready, my precious baby girl -
for life’s spirit and soul.

New Beginnings

Light pours from the sun -
filters through dark hearts
of sordid memories,
conflict -
the pebbles and rocks of crushed dreams.

It was the year when history
begged for recovery -
appealed for a vaccine,
buried bodies stricken from a virus
that showed no mercy for those
afflicted -
ransom to oxygen tanks and the struggle
for breath in short bursts.

Unemployment and paltry wages -
the shutters of windows shut to commerce,
ailing economies in the throes of

Dark clouds smeared eyes in terror -
fear trapped behind masks,
the veneer of helplessness
against a pandemic that held the world to a cage of imprisonment.

The solidarity of humanity clasped visions of fingers
that allowed for no touch -
hugs and kisses forbidden
from lives on the brink of the abnormal.

Sunlight poured light for hope to prevail
in the midst of a storm that raged
in corridors of hospitals
where the dead were buried in plastic bags of no more.

The year ends in a war of worry
for a new beginning
when compassion reverts selfishness
to selflessness.

Light pours from the sun
for a new beginning -
the entrance of light
within hearts of forgiveness
from the year
when the transformation of humanity
dripped tears of remorse from regret
for words spoken and unspoken -
actions harnessed for solidarity, charity and mercy
for the birth of life
ignited by rays of sunlight for the dissipation of hatred,
in the brief carriage of time
when life and death collude for
new beginnings.