Author Feature - August 2021

Ashley Fouts. age 29 lives in Harlan KY, USA and is married to the love of her life, Teddy Miles. She also has a very supportive family who she loves very much.

She published her 1st book, Techno Flower, in 2014 and her 2nd book, Memories, in 2020.

Ashely’s goal in writing is to help people who have been sexually abused and suffer from depression and other mental impacts from a trauma like that. She has gone through that and has found a happy place and focuses on being here to tell others to keep fighting. That life is worth living.

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Blue butterflies guiding me through the darkness leading me away. Landing around me to rest their wings that are weary.  Blue butterflies watching over me, keeping me safe  in these desperate times.  I was broken,  another soul lost like so many others. My story was about to end, but they revived me brought  me to a different  place. I don't need to escape  this dark cave of wondrous life not yet found.  Blue butterflies  guide me through the darkness that is all around me. Come and rest your injured wings that are weary. 


I like injured wings that are weary this means a lot because I felt like I was injured in my brain I felt as if my mind was becoming someone else in a away I was right I had developed schizoaffective but now I know I am exactly who I am meant to be. 



I stayed hidden like a cage bird without freedom. This means so much because I felt half of me was gone I was trapped in my mind from fear.



I woke up in a daze my hands were shaking.  I started to hyperventilate i just want to get away out of this rat cage. It's a race against time, my heart is beating fast. I re-imagine  killing myself over and over again. I'm having a nervous breakdown. My brain is engaged in a world war and the evil is spreading. I just want to get away out of this nightmare. It's a struggle. I just want to be okay. You are not alone. You must survive 


You are not alone you must survive out of everything this means the most no one talked to me I nearly ended my own life because I was raped and my only ture friend had died from cancer and I'm sorry from the miss spelling I have learning disabilities.