Author Feature - November 2021

Anila Arun Pillai lives a diasporic life. Since her roots call for the nature splendor, Allepey located in Kerala and lives in the vibrant “Diamond City’ Surat in Gujarat. Anila is a Research Scholar with SVNIT. Her exposure as an Assistant Professor with graduate and postgraduate students and as Innovation Coordinator abroad with secondary students makes her patron of academic value. She has worked as a counsellor with IGNOU for MBA, MCA, MA, BBA, BCA and BA graduates. Her lectures are available on BISAG channels. She is a poet, writer and essayist. She has published her creative and scholastic works in National and International anthologies, journals and periodicals. When not drafting her mind, she prefers to spends her leisure with her boys, reading or cooking preferably to satisfy sweet tooth.


Her first collection entitled Kailani: Let flow off the flaws, has themes that rely broadly on  nature reflected in and outside human life. The turmoil urging chance to change, the new beginning pressure, dubiousness, female entity, family, pandemic are the few themes spurred. A loved of nature and the one who seeks motivation to cling will find the collection  soothing and scintillating. 


She can be reached via mail @






Afar from joy and rejoice 

Ready to flip watching from front,

Almost about everything collided was live unready to live.

Anyone to fix was like away in the fray.

In the crowd with lots of sound and 

Full of lights tears brimmed 

Scared and continued to stray for years

No body cared!

Nobody heard,

My moaning murmurs!

Worst were every single day,

All feast and I felt the beast ready to unleash.

Suddenly heard a singing which was like a sting!

Trimmings and trappings were fun to many,

Tomorrow would be the same stale they rarely cared!

Words, thoughts and emotions,

Were worst in the world to say.

Stealing and treachery, no more a secret to learn.

Drifted off I lay finally on my bed.

Salted water stripped off my face bit by bits,

Pearls they call, pillows always did hide.

Finding or searching solace is all vain 

Perfectly recreating life ravers 

Followed my serene.

Frozen life yet not drowning.



I am no longer with a thought more desirable

To find love 

Again and again this game makes me stuck 

Hide and seek, it is playing with me, 

which hurts!


The moment I feel did grapple

Makes me feel moment by moment I am been fragile.

The sight that now it burdens me with is camouflaged with something called feelings!

I know not, he who knows and knows that he knows let me know.

As I stand as child in front of love miserable and helplessly seeking to go behind,

Something that which is questioned many a times for its own existence!


Choice I know is the culprit now

To be or go with it and yet test it or leave it ....

I know not, burning in me 

Consuming it is my inner conscience!


Freed I want to feel now..

I should devoid seeking or yearning for love from others 

For it is in me and I realise.

As I keep rising again and again, followed the call and found 


Restored is my faith thus, no longer will I seek for live outside 


It’s in me...its with me ... it’s ME.




Challenge is a chance 

To outshine one's own determined face.

Outlive one's own mark signified before.

Worth is accepting challenge therefore!


We may get or regret is a matter of time 

We tried and did give effort is prime.

Unaware of the result but to gather Experience 

Try and try to ensure merit to shine immediate or later,

Nothing can stop unless been given way to stoop.

After a rise learn to bend is what the mountains reveal,

Nature teaches much just believe.


Don't be shaded long

Challenge! Accept and sing along 

Between the narrow bridge of win and loss 

There is a lot to learn boss... 

Toss is the outcome outside 

Legends are those who take up those unusual yet daring steps,

Dare and do with proper prep!


Challenge is a challenge only when you take it so, 

Fulfil or grow with chance taken? 

Leave it for time to show.

Live the moment and do it full throat,

Life changes for who accepts, takes, runs and repeats!


Why wait when the Sun shines bright!

Clad that light and be ready to Shine.


You are the star who seek

In you is life to stride, keep up the ride!